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Geisel Library gratefully accepts donations of books, videos, and other materials. Items which are not appropriate for the collections will be disposed of by the library, sold at our annual book sale, or, if specified, returned to the donor. If you would like to donate books or other materials to the library, please contact Gwen Verkuilen, the Collection Development Librarian, at 603-641-7166.



Donate to the Book Fund

The Geisel Library Book Fund program was established to support the addition of books to the College's library, and to provide donors with a unique way to mark special moments in the lives of family and friends. Occasions have included births, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, birthdays, retirements, ordinations, the feast day of a patron saint, Christmas, class gifts, and the passing of a loved one.

If you would like to make a contribution to the Book Fund, you may print out the donor form (PDF/77KB) and mail it along with your donation.

Every book purchased on these occasions is affixed with a special bookplate bearing the name of the person being honored with words of your choice. We also send an acknowledgement card to that person notifying them of your thoughtful gift. When the gift is in memory of a deceased loved one or friend, a card will be sent to a family member or other person of your choosing. Your donation is also noted in the records we keep for our online catalog. In that way, if your friend or family member visits the Geisel Library, we can readily retrieve books purchased in their name.

In a world where speed and technological innovation are so highly prized, books are still the most critical tool for learning, and the single most important resource supporting Saint Anselm's liberal arts program.

How much is an appropriate donation for the Book Fund? Any donation received, no matter the amount, is always welcome and greatly appreciated. To assist you, we have established several levels of giving which include:

Geisel Patrons
For gifts of $50 or more, enough to purchase one book with a commemorative plate

Geisel Companions
For gifts of $100 or more, enough to purchase two books with commemorative plates

Geisel Scholars
For gifts of $250 or more, enough to purchase five books with commemorative plates

Geisel Collector's Society
For gifts of $500 or more, enough to purchase ten books with commemorative plates

Geisel Publishers
For gifts of $1,000 or more, enough to purchase 20 books with commemorative plates

It will be an honor for us to purchase books for your family and friends, and we are deeply grateful for your generosity.

Charles M. Getchell, Jr.
Head Librarian

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