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Name Position Phone Number E-mail Address
Jack Ballard Circulation Staff (603) 641-7300 jballard
Claudia Bissett Head of Cataloging (603) 641-7621 cbissett
Aroostine Brown Periodicals Staff (603) 641-7294 abrown
Erin Brown Circulation Staff (603) 641-7300 ebrown
Kathy Carignan Acquisitions/Preservation Assistant (603) 641-7305 kcarigna
Sue Cataldo Acquisitions Manager (603) 641-7309 scataldo
Keith Chevalier Archivist (603) 656-6197 kchevalier
Circulation Desk (603) 641-7300
Taylor Colegrove Periodicals Staff (603) 641-7293 tcolegrove
Martha Dickerson Head of Circulation (603) 641-7308 mdickers
John Dillon Head of Technical Services (603) 641-7349 jdillon
Debra Durant Circulation/Periodicals Staff (603) 641-7300 ddurant
Sue Gagnon Head of Periodicals (603) 641-7293 sgagnon
Charles M. Getchell, Jr. Librarian (603) 641-7302 cgetchell
Laura Gricius-West Electronic Resources Librarian (603) 641-7292 lgriciuswest
Mimi Guessferd Assistant Head of Reference and Instructional Services (603) 641-7348 mguessferd
Pauline Hensey Interlibrary Loan Specialist (603) 641-7303 phensey
Sherry Marchand Periodicals Staff (603) 641-7294 smarchand
Kim Monteforte Circulation Staff (603) 641-7300 kmonteforte
Kathleen Murtagh-Rose Assistant Head of Circulation (603) 641-7347 kmurtagh
Denise Paradis Assistant to the Librarian, Library Secretary (Book Fund Donations & Friends of the Library) (603) 641-7365 dparadis
Periodicals Desk (603) 641-7294
Jean Plotas Reference Librarian (603) 641-7306 jplotas
Reference Desk (603) 641-7306 AskALibrarian
Audrey Roy Circulation Staff (603) 641-7300 aroy
Alex Scarelli Circulation/Periodicals Staff (603) 641-7300 ascarelli
Hermann Schibli Circulation/Periodicals Staff (603) 641-7300 hschibli
Nancy "Sam" Urtz Reference Librarian (603) 641-7307 nsurtz
Gwen Verkuilen Collection and User Services Librarian (603) 641-7166 gverkuilen
Melinda Malik Head of Reference and Instructional Services (603) 656-6200 mmalik


Staff Directory by Department

(Please see the alphabetical Staff Directory for E-mail addresses and phone numbers.)

Librarian Charles M. Getchell, Jr.
Assistant Librarian John Dillon
Assistant to the Librarian, Library Secretary
(Book Fund Donations & Friends of the Library)
Denise Paradis
College Archivist Keith Chevalier
Head of Circulation Martha Dickerson
Assistant Head of Circulation Kathleen Murtagh-Rose
Circulation Staff Jack Ballard
Circulation Staff Erin Brown
Circulation Staff Debra Durant
Circulation Staff Kim Monteforte
Circulation Staff Audrey Roy
Circulation Staff Alex Scarelli
Circulation Staff Hermann Schibli
Collection Development
Collection and User Services Librarian Gwen Verkuilen
Acquisitions Manager Sue Cataldo
Acquisitions/Preservation Assistant Kathy Carignan
Government Documents
Collection Development Librarian Gwen Verkuilen
Interlibrary Loan
Interlibrary Loan Specialist Pauline Hensey
Head of Periodicals Sue Gagnon
Periodicals Staff Aroostine Brown
Periodicals Staff Debra Durant
Periodicals Staff Sherry Marchand
Periodicals Staff Hermann Schibli
Periodicals Staff Taylor Colegrove
Head of Reference and Instructional Services Melinda Malik
Assistant Head of Reference Mimi Guessferd
Reference Librarian Nancy "Sam" Urtz
Reference Librarian Jean Plotas
Electronic Resources Librarian Laura Gricius-West
Technical Services
Head of Technical Services John Dillon
Head of Cataloging Claudia Bissett
Electronic Resources Librarian Laura Gricius-West


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