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User's Guide to Wireless Network Printing

Saint Anselm College community members and guests who wish to print wirelessly from their notebook computers in Geisel Library will need to download and install a Pharos client program. This will enable them to send print jobs from their laptops to the college's Print Anywhere system.  Members of the SAC community can release their print jobs at any network printer on campus, including the printers on the Main Level and Lower Level at Geisel Library.   Guests can only release their print jobs at the guest printer on the Lower Level of Geisel Library.

The installation only takes a few minutes. Before starting, make sure that you have the necessary privileges to install printers on your computer.

See the instructions below for a basic summary of how to install Pharos and send print jobs from Windows-based notebook computers.  For more detailed instructions, or instructions for Mac users, please see the Print Anywhere section of the MyAnselm portal.

Installing the Print Software

1) The first step depends on whether you are affiliated with SAC or a guest at the library.

  • SAC community members: Log in to the MyAnselm portal and click into the Students page.  In the menu at left, click on Print Anywhere.
  • Guests: Click on the following link for the Pharos installation file and download it to your computer.  Note that you must use the Internet Explorer browser to download it.  Skip to step 3. 

2)  Download the appropriate installation file, based on whether your computer is a Windows-based PC or a Mac.

3)  Double-click on the file to launch the installation.

4)  After the installer opens, press the Install button. The installation may take 1-2 minutes.

5)  When the installation is complete, press the Finish button. You can verify that the installation was successful by choosing Print in Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer, or another application. Look for a printer with Saint Anselm in the name, and send a test page if desired.

Sending a Print Job

1)  Select Print from the active application (e.g., Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer).

2)  Click on the Printer Name drop-down box. Select the printer that you just installed.  Its name will contain the phrase "Saint Anselm".  Click OK.

3)  When prompted, enter your SAC network username and a name for your print job, to help identify it. Then press the Print button.

Screen shot of wirless printing instructions


4)  Go to one of the print release stations in the library.

      a.  Learning Commons release station on the Main Level.  Swipe your student, faculty, or staff ID card in the swipe reader.

      b.  SAC Community Member release station on the Lower Level.  This is located near the photocopiers.  Swipe your student, faculty, or staff ID card in the swipe reader.

      c.  Guest release station on the Lower Level.  This is located near the photocopiers.  No card swipe or login is necessary.

5)  Select the print job(s) that you wish to print, and press the Print button. For the Guest printer, you will need to insert cash in the coin box before printing. Guest printing costs 10 cents per page. Coins, $1 bills, and $5 bills are all accepted. The coin box will make change for any unused amount.

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