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Information Literacy Program - Advanced Level

Learning Outcomes for Advanced-Level Students


Students at the advanced level acknowledge the continual nature of learning. They regularly conduct research or look for new information. They are familiar with key resources in their field of study and the unique features of information creation and dissemination within their discipline. They effectively combine and recombine knowledge. Advanced students actively transfer successful strategies from one domain of knowledge to another.

Advanced-level Capstone Project students will be able to...

  • Achieve proficiency with the major research databases in their subject area, including the use of special limiters, controlled vocabularies, and other advanced features
  • Identify and locate a variety of specialized resources that are relevant to their topic, including primary source material, statistical data, multimedia resources, and government publications
  • Evaluate, examine, and select information for quality, accuracy, authority, and reliability
  • Take advantage of Interlibrary Loan to access unique materials available in the collections of other libraries
  • Synthesize information from a variety of sources to support their thesis statements
  • Demonstrate an understanding of copyright and fair use of copyrighted material
  • Transfer critical thinking skills upon graduation to become a self-directed, independent, life-long learner
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