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Information Literacy Program - First Semester

Learning Outcomes for First Year Students, Fall Semester


Students are guided to appreciate the role of information in achieving academic, professional, and personal success. They begin to understand the purpose of an academic library, and become familiar with the library's organization, services, and collections. They learn how to ask basic questions about the nature of their own information needs. While learning how to locate information, students begin to recognize the importance of critically evaluating the sources of that information.

First semester English (EN103) students will be able to...

Library Website

  • Identify the different parts of the library's homepage
  • Access the library catalog and other online resources
  • Find the virtual library tour and floorplans in order to locate collections or specific books
  • Locate the "Ask a Librarian" service to seek help with their information needs


Online Catalog 

  • Conduct a search using author, title, and keyword
  • Identify the parts of a citation
  • Identify locations and call numbers of library materials
  • Use subject headings and call numbers to locate other relevant items
  • Choose keywords for a topic and combine them with Boolean operators to develop a basic search strategy


Research Databases 

  • Distinguish databases from the online catalog
  • Distinguish multi-disciplinary from subject-specific databases
  • Distinguish between a popular magazine and scholarly journal
  • Identify the parts of a citation and the abstract of an article
  • Use keywords and Boolean operators to develop a basic search strategy



  • Distinguish websites from library resources
  • Evaluate websites as sources of credible, authoritative information
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