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PH 107 - Moral Issues

Suggested Readings For Moral Issues

Jost, Kenneth."Abortion Debates." The CQ Researcher Online 13.11 (2003). 16 February 2005 . Document ID: cqresrre2003032100.

Jost, Kenneth. "Affirmative Action." The CQ Researcher Online 11.32 (2001). 16 February 2005 . Document ID: cqresrre2001092100.

Worsnop, Richard L. "Assisted Suicide Controversy." The CQ Researcher Online (1995). 16 February 2005 . Document ID: cqresrre1995050500.

Hansen, Brian."Cloning Debate." The CQ Researcher Online 14.37 (2004). 16 February 2005 . Document ID: cqresrre2004102200.

Jost, Kenneth "Rethinking the Death Penalty." The CQ Researcher Online 11.40 (2001). 16 February 2005 . Document ID: cqresrre2001111600.

Practical Ethics, 2d edition
Peter Singer
Library call # BJ1012.S49 1993 (on reserve; ask at Circulation Desk)


Reference Resources (selected) For Moral Issues

These resources are located in the Reference Department on the Main Level of the Geisel Library or online where noted.

Core Resources

Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy
     Ref B51.R68 (print version, 10 vols.)

Encyclopedia of Bioethics (2004 edition online)
     Ref QH332 .E52 1995 (print version)

Oxford Companion to Philosophy (online 2005, edited by Ted Honderich)

Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics
     Ref BJ63 .A66 1998
Includes a number of relevant entries, including whistle-blowing, corporations-environmental compliance, and business ethics-corporate responsibility.

IssueWeb: a guide and sourcebook for researching controversial issues on the Web
     Ref ZA4228 .D53 2004
Follow link to view table of contents for specific topics covered.


New Catholic Encyclopedia, 2nd ed.
All subjects in Catholic tradition, including theology
     Ref BX841 .N44 (print version, 15 vols.)

AIDS - Issues in Religion, Ethics and Care
     Ref RA644.A25C34

Baker's Dictionary of Christian Ethics
     Ref BJ1199 .B34

Concise Encyclopedia of the Ethics of New Technologies
     Ref QH332 .C66 2001

Criminal Justice Ethics: Annotated Bibliography and Guide to Sources
     Ref HV9950 .S36 1991

Dictionary of Moral Theology
     Ref BJ1249 .R723

Doing Honest Work in College
     Ready Ref PN171 .F56L56 2004

Encyclopedia of Ethics
     Ref BJ63 .E45 1992

Encyclopedia of Women and Gender
     Ref HQ1115 .E43 2001

Ethics in Nursing: Position Statements and Guidelines
     Ref RT85 .E74 1988

Landmark Decisions of the United States Supreme Court
     Ref KF4549 .L37 1991

Political Philosophy
     Ref JA71 .P6226 2001

Principles of Health Care Ethics
     Ref R724 .P69 1994

Westminster Dictionary of Christian Ethics
     Ref BJ1199 .W47 1986


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Indexes And Databases (selected) For Moral Issues

Core Resources

Geisel Library Catalog
Books provide an excellent foundation for your research by providing in-depth exploration of both the theory and practice of ethics and ethical issues. To find books relevant to your topic, try doing a Keyword or Subject search.

You may also wish to search Worldcat (an online catalog encompassing the holdings of thousands of libraries worldwide), to identify relevant books owned by other colleges. Inside most of the individual book records is a link enabling you to request the book via Interlibrary Loan; all you need to do is input your name and contact information, and submit the request.

Philosopher's Index
This is a comprehensive information finding tool for books, chapters and scholarly journal articles pertaining to all aspects of ethical theory. It is possible to search by keyword, author, and subject. Coverage is from 1940 to the present and is international in scope. Please refer to the handout Developing a sample search statement (PDF/50KB) for suggestions. For help in using Philosopher's Index and identifying appropriate journals, please ask for help at the library reference desk.

Medline limited to Bioethics
A bibliographic database of book chapters and journal articles from the Kennedy Institute of Ethics. (select Bioethics from the Subset limit box)

Academic Search Premier
This is a great index for finding articles dealing with moral issues. For example, a search statement such as "assisted suicide and (ethic* or moral)" would return several full-text articles, many of which are scholarly.

CQ Researcher
CQ Researcher is useful for research on major controversial topics, including moral issues such as affirmative action, capital punishment, cloning and others. The database has full-text articles featuring summaries, chronologies and pro/con responses to questions written by notable persons.


ETHX on the Web
A bibliographic database on bioethics and professional ethics.

LexisNexis Academic Universe
Contains full-text articles from U.S. and international newspapers (including the New York Times, June 1980 - to date). A headline search of "everyday ethics" will bring up the fun weekly columns by Jeremy Iggers from the Minneapolis Star Tribune. (News Categories must be set to "General News" for Step 1 & "Major Papers" for Step 2.) See also Ethics Newsline, listed under websites below.

Biological Abstracts
Here you will find citations and abstracts to articles about bioethical issues such as gene therapy, cloning, etc.    Quick Reference Card

"ERIC is the world's largest source of education information, with more than 1 million abstracts of documents and journal articles on education research and practice." Controversial moral issues facing high school and college students are included and some articles are full-text. Please refer to the handout Developing a sample search statement (PDF/78KB) for suggestions.


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Journal Titles (selected) For Moral Issues

  • American Journal of Jurisprudence
  • American Journal of Law and Medicine
  • Bioethics
  • Christian Bioethics
  • CQ Researcher
  • Ethics and the Environment
  • Ethics, Place and Environment
  • Hastings Center Report
  • Human Rights Quarterly
  • Journal of Applied Philosophy
  • Journal of Medicine and Philosophy
  • Journal of Moral Education
  • Journal of Philosophy of Education
  • Journal of Religion and Health
  • Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal
  • National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly
  • Nursing Philosophy
  • Philosophy and Public Affairs
  • Public Affairs Quarterly (under consideration)
  • Social Justice Research
  • Terrorism and Political Violence

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Websites (selected) For Moral Issues

Searching the World Wide Web can yield a vast amount of information, but in terms of quality and reliability, your results may be uneven at best. The ease and speed with which individuals can publish information on the web, regardless of accuracy or quality, makes it imperative that when doing research on the web you know how to evaluate the information you find.

Moral Issues

Applied Ethics Resources on WWW
Click on categories such as animal welfare or environmental. You will be directed to online publications, organizations and appropriate web links.

Ethics Newsline
From the Institute of Global Ethics, this is an online source for news and information on ethics and current events. A new edition is available every Monday afternoon.

Ethics on the World Wide Web
Provides links to cartoons, radio shows, as well as to ethics centers and institutes.

Ethics Updates
Founded and edited by Lawrence M. Hinman at the University of San Diego, a much-acclaimed website for updates on current literature relating to ethics. Here you may find useful resources on issues such as abortion, euthanasia, terrorism and more.

Peter Singer Links
Peter Singer is a professor of Bioethics at Princeton University and is credited with many controversial writings on animal rights, euthanasia and other moral issues.

Prof. Janet E. Smith's Articles
This site includes articles on abortion, bioethics, feminism and women and the family, Humanae vitae, and moral philosophy.

Religion and Ethics Newsweekly
A national TV (PBS) newsmagazine program devoted entirely to the news of religion, spirituality, and major ethical issues.

R.M. Hare
Highlights of Hare's achievements from the Peter Singer pages.


Abortion and Ethics: Ethics Updates
This well-done ethics web-site from Professor Lawrence Hinman at the University of San Diego includes links to court decisions, legislation, papal documents, and news updates.

Abortion Policies: a Global Review
From the United Nations Population Division, contains country studies for comparative data, as well as a well-written global review.

The Alan Guttmacher Institute: Abortion
Provides an overview, fact-sheets and other research analyses about abortion from the AGI, a nonprofit organization focused on sexual and reproductive health research.

New Advent Catholic Website: Abortion
Expresses the Catholic point of view.

Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003
This is the original text of the recent law.

Roe v. Wade
This is the original Supreme Court decision from the Legal Information Institute at Cornell University.

Affirmative Action

Supreme Court Collection: Affirmative Action
From the Legal Information Institute at Cornell.

Brown v. Board of Education
From the University of Central Florida Libraries, lists books, articles and internet sites.


American Library Association Office of Intellectual Freedom (ALA-OIF)
Promulgates policies protecting intellectual freedom, especially where it concerns free access to libraries and library material.

Banned Books and Censorship
From Loyola University Libraries.

Hot Paper Topics: Censorship Information
From the library at St. Ambrose University.


BioethicsNet: Cloning
From the Center for Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania, cloning is one of several topics presenting a chronology of news events.

Center for Genetics and Society: Human Cloning
Distinguishes between two types of human cloning and presents arguments pro/con each type.

Cloning: a Webliography
From Michigan State University Libraries, this site contains links to articles, books, legal statements and websites on animal cloning.

Dangers of Genetic Manipulation: Address by Pope John Paul II
Delivered on October 29, 1983

Ethics Updates: Literature on Bioethics, Cloning and Reproductive Technologies
From Professor Lawrence Hinman at the University of San Diego and includes links to ethics centers, religious documents and multimedia resources.

Human Genome Project Information: Cloning Fact Sheet
The goals of the Human Genome Project are to identify the 30,000 genes in human DNA. This website presents an overview and discussion of the ethical, legal and social issues surrounding cloning.

Human Reproductive and Therapeutic Cloning
Explores ethical controversies surrounding three types of cloning: embryo cloning, reproductive cloning and therapeutic cloning.

Capital Punishment

Capital Punishment: Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Offers a general overview.

Capital Punishment Statistics: Bureau of Justice Statistics
Summary findings and yearly reports from the 50 states.

The Death Penalty: Pro and Con
Excerpted from CQ Researcher, opposing viewpoints from two Supreme Court justices.

Legal Information Institute: Death Penalty Search
From Cornell University, this link is programmed to return results of the Opinions of the U.S. Supreme Court.

New Advent Catholic Website: Capital Punishment
Expresses the Catholic point of view.

Punishment and the Death Penalty: Ethics Updates
Part of the well-done ethics web-site from Professor Lawrence Hinman at the University of San Diego, this page includes links to court decisions, legislation, statistical information and reliable special sites.


Euthanasia and End-of-Life decisions: Ethics Updates
Part of the well-done ethics web-site from Professor Lawrence Hinman at the University of San Diego.

Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide (PAS)
Includes definitions, public opinions, ethical questions, statements by religious groups, and links to other related sites. Created by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance, a multi-faith group.

Testimony of Cardinal Bernard Law on Assisted Suicide
Expresses the Catholic Church's opinion.

Euthanasia and the Right to Die
From Professor Michael C. Koerl, Trinity University (San Antonio, TX), this site presents the issue from a sociological point of view and includes statistics and links to websites.

Overview: Gonzales v. Oregon
An overview of the Supreme Court case and links to additional information.

Sexual Morality

Center for Sex Research
From California State University, Northridge, this page provides links to research institutes and resources.

Ethics Updates: Literature on Sexual Orientation
From Professor Lawrence Hinman at the University of San Diego and includes links to news, court decisions and surveys of some of the more important work on sexual orientation.

Feminist Sexual Ethics Project
From Brandeis University.

The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction
See 'Related Resources' for web guides and search tools.

Persona Humana
"Declaration on Certain Questions Concerning Sexual Ethics. Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith December 29, 1975".


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