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PH 333 - Business Ethics


This guide is designed to support your research of issues surrounding ethical business practices. Because your assignment emphasizes the use of scholarly research, you should be aware of more advanced search techniques (for more help on this, look at the Geisel Library's Seven Steps to Library Research. You can also visit the NHBSR Corporate Social Responsibility Issues web page to find more search terms. Simply adding search phrases such as "social responsibility of business"; or "corporate social responsibility" to your topics may help narrow your search to relevant articles that are scholarly.

If you have problems trying to search for scholarly articles, try re-reading what the company you have chosen says about itself on its website. Locate a company's 'About Us' and/or 'Mission Statement' section and use these descriptions as ways to investigate your topic. This may help you when you are trying to develop a focus to your topic.

If you need further assistance, feel free to take advantage of the reference services at the Library. Stop by the Reference Desk in person or online at Ask a Librarian.


Selected Online Databases

The following databases will provide you with the resources necessary to find scholarly sources (from peer-reviewed academic journals) for your research. For more information on scholarly sources, please visit Geisel Library's Research Help on Types of Information Sources.

Please Note: Some of the databases provide full-text articles for certain academic journals. If there is not a full-text version of the article available, remember that you can make a request for Interlibrary Loan (ILL) by simply clicking on the WebBridge icon (for more information, please visit the WebBridge User Guide).

Academic Search Premier
This is a great index for finding articles dealing with business ethics. For example, a search statement such as "affirmative action and (ethic* or moral)" would return several full-text articles, many of which are scholarly.

Business Source Premier
A full-text database with good coverage of business ethics.

Philosopher's Index
This database provides indexes and abstracts of a variety of philosophy-specific topics. It can be useful in researching business ethics. The material covered is written by philosophers.

Other Useful Databases for Business Ethics

The following list of databases can be useful in finding out more information about your company and the topic you have chosen.

You can find articles from scholarly journals with an interdisciplinary perspective. Has good coverage of philosophy and contains full text articles.

LexisNexis Academic
Here you will find articles from business and legal news sources.

This is a good source for investigating a topic as it relates to business. Includes articles about companies from international professional publications, academic journals, and trade magazines. Some full text articles are available.

CQ Researcher
Use CQ Researcher to get an overview of a controversial subject. This is a great place to start learning about a topic's history, pros and cons, and recommended further reading on topics. "The CQ Researcher explores a single "hot" issue in the news in depth each week. Topics range from social and teen issues to environment, health, education and science and technology. There are 44 full-text reports produced each year."


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Selected Journals

The following scholarly journals are located in the lower level of the Geisel Library.

  • Business and Professional Ethics Journal
  • Business and Society Review
  • Business Ethics Quarterly
  • Corporate Reputation Review
  • Ethical Theory and Moral Practice
  • Social Choice and Welfare

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Selected Reference Sources

Reference books provide sufficient information for beginning your research or expanding your ideas. The following selection of reference books is located in the Reference Department on the Main Level of the Geisel Library.

Affirmative Action: A Bibliography
     Ref HF5549.5 .A34 N67

Business Ethics and Responsibility: An Information Sourcebook
     Ref HF5387.B52

Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics
     Ref BJ63 .A66
Includes a number of relevant entries, including whistle-blowing, corporations-environmental compliance, and business ethics-corporate responsibility.
See an online list of Business and Economics Ethics topics.

Encyclopedia of Ethics
     Ref BJ63 .E45

Encyclopedia of Women and Gender
     Ref HQ1115 .E43

     Ref BJ63 .E75

Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy
     Ref B51.R68 (print version; 10 volumes)


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Selected Websites

Searching the Internet can yield a vast amount of information, but in terms of quality and reliability, your results may be uneven at best. The ease and speed with which individuals can publish information on the web, regardless of accuracy or quality, makes it imperative that when doing research on the web you know how to evaluate the information you find.

Business Ethics
Created and maintained by Sharon Stoerger, MBA, MLS. A useful resource guide for undergraduate students. Contains articles, case studies, corporate codes of ethics and more.

Business Ethics: A Manual for Managing a Responsible Business Enterprise in Emerging Market Economies
This extensive online manual is from the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Creating a code of ethics for your organization
Tips on how to write a code of ethics. Links to appropriate published literature on this topic.


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