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TH 301 - The Prophets


This guide highlights resources that will aid in the successful completion of your group project. Resources on this guide will help you discover modern day events that are similar to those tackled by the prophets and locate advocacy groups that work to resolve those concerns. All of these resources can be accessed either on campus or remotely by entering in the S number on the back of your student ID.

If you need any assistance in using these resources or if you are having difficulty in locating information, please contact a reference librarian by either stopping by the reference desk or online through Ask a Librarian.


Research Basics

A significant portion of your assignment will involve identifying and researching advocacy groups that work to resolve a variety of social issues. Additionally, you will need to acquire statistics from non-governmental and governmental organizations. Locating appropriate resources will depend heavily on your web evaluation skills. To refresh these skills please see our guide on Evaluating Websites


Researching the Prophets


Background Information on Prophetic Themes

     New Catholic Encyclopedia, 2nd ed.
     All subjects in Catholic tradition, including theology
     REF  BX841 .N44 (print version, 15 vols.)

     Encyclopedia of Religion
     This online version of a seminal 15-volume reference work includes over 3,000 lengthy articles about religious and theological topics, including cross-cultural looks at different religious traditions.
     REF  BL31 .E46 (print version, 15 vols.)

Finding Books -- 1 good book on your prophet  (use its index for your theme)

Geisel Catalog Word Searches:

     - use NAME of prophet...

     - use NAME of prophet AND theme word...

     - take advantage of SUBJECT term hyperlinks...


Geisel Catalog Subject Searches:

     - use NAME of prophet...


Go To The Shelves:  for example, Gen BS1501 - BS1690


Beyond Geisel Library (InterLibrary Loan):  WorldCat

     - best suggestion:  use Prophet name as plain Subject search


Finding Journal Articles -- 1 good article on Prophet, incorporating theme

Cross Search - can search multiple Theology article databases at once

     - you must checkmark the Theology box at bottom of search screen    

     - limit searches to Abstract or Keyword (not just words in Title)

     - use phrases such as "prophet Nahum"

          or:     Nahum and (prophet or prophecy)

Individual Theology Databases - via Library Theology Subject Guide

ATLA Religion Database  -- can be search by Scripture chapter and verse !

     - works with two other databases:  Old Testament Abstracts & Catholic Per. & Lit. Index


Finding Art Images

ARTstor -- Digital image library for education and scholarship

     - hit "Go" to enter at upper right

     - images can be saved to desktop

     - IF you login or register, images can be saved to a folder, for import into Powerpoint


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Identifying Advocacy Groups


Try using the following resources and search tips to locate non-governmental, non-for-profit organizations that advocate on behalf of your topic/issue. Once you locate an advocacy group read through their about page, their mission statement, and their "what we do" page to uncover their "prophetic message."

Washington Information Directory
     Call Number: Ready REF F192.3 .W53 (Located behind the reference desk)

Look up your topic and see what government agencies and non-governmental organizations research or advocate on your topic.

Advanced Google
One of the best things you can do to make your Google searches more relevant is to use their Advanced Search. Once on their Advanced Search page try limiting your searches to .org websites. This method will help to limit your searches to non-for-profit organizations.

Examples of Advocacy Groups


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Researching Advocacy Groups


What an organization says about themselves will usually differ from what others are saying about them. Try going one step further in your research to see what newspapers and magazines have to say about your organization. Newspaper and magazine articles will also give you a better idea of how your choosen organization advocates for their issue.

The following databases will let you search for newspaper and magazine articles on your organization.

Academic Search Premier (limit to newspapers and/or periodicals)
ProQuest Central (click on the magazines and/or newspapers tabs)

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Locating Statistics


Statistics are produced by a number of organizations including non-governmental organizations, advocacy groups, think tanks, research organizations, and government institutions. The challenge here will be how to locate the best statistics on your topic.

Below are a few resources and search tips that will help make this process easier. For assistance beyond the sites listed below please see our How to Find Statistics Guide.


United States Statistics

Washington Information Directory
      Call Number: Ready REF F192.3 .W53 (Located behind the reference desk)

Look up your topic and see what government agencies and non-governmental organizations research or advocate on your topic.

Google Government Search

Try using Google's government search engine to limit your searches to federal, state, and local government websites. The advantage of using Google Government Search is that it searches for any U.S. government affiliated website no matter if the domain is a .gov, .mil, or .us.
The important thing to do here is to locate what U.S. government agency would be most likely to gather statistics on your topic. Browse by topic to get a list of websites that contain information on your topic or browse by government agency to help you locate an appropriate federal, state, or local government agency. You can always search by keyword. One simple trick is to group your keyword with "statistics" or "data".

Browse by subject to find U.S. federal and state government agencies that produce statistics on your topic.


International Statistics


Advanced Google
Try limiting your search to the following domain - - this will limit your searches to the websites of the United Nations.


A custom search engine to locate statistics produced by the United Nations. This database can be searched by keyword but their Advanced Search is the ideal way to use this database. On the advanced search page you can limit your keywords by year, country, or source.

United Nations Statistics Division
Search by keyword (use their Google Custom search box, aka Search this Site) or browse by clicking on the Publications or Statistical Databases tabs.

Examples of Statistics Resources

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