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Gateway Websites

This website serves as a portal to the digital collections of several hundred libraries, archives, and museums throughout Europe.  It provides access to images, texts, sounds, and video that collectively reflect the European cultural heritage.

Google Book Project
Google has digitized large portions of several major university library collections and made them accessible through their search engine. Books not under copyright (including most published before 1922, and many books published in other countries) can be read in their entirety, making this website a great resource for primary source material from the 19th and early 20th centuries.

IMLS Digital Content Gateway
This database allows you to simultaneously search the digital collections of numerous museums, libraries, and archives that have received grants from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

OAIster, from the University of Michigan, is a searchable meta-library of academically oriented, digital resources from over 1,000 collections. Included are digitized articles, images, audio files, movies, and data sets.


Digital Collections by Subject

Biology & Chemistry

BioMed Central
This publisher provides free full-text access to articles from nearly 200 peer-reviewed online journals in the field of biomedical research.

Complete Works of Charles Darwin Online
This digital library provides searchable access to all of Darwin's published writings and over 20,000 private papers, plus supplemental works and over 1,000 illustrations.

Linus Pauling Research Notebooks
From Oregon State University, this digitalized collection of notebooks contain many of Pauling's laboratory calculations and experimental data, as well as scientific conclusions, ideas for further research, and numerous autobiographical musings.

National Academies Press
NAP was created by the National Academies to publish reports and books on topics in science, engineering, and health. It offers free access to over 4,000 books and reports published by NAP.


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Internet Classics Archive
This site offers web versions of nearly 500 works of classical literature in English translation. Most of these were produced in ancient Greece and Rome, but a handful of ancient Chinese and Persian works are also included.

Online Medieval and Classical Library
This collection of texts gathers some of the most important literary works of Classical and Medieval civilization.

Perseus Digital Library
This massive digital library maintained at Tufts University includes primary and secondary sources for the study of ancient Greece and Rome and the English Renaissance.


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Computer Science & Mathematics is an electronic archive and distribution server for full-text research papers in physics, computer science, mathematics, and other scientific endeavors. Included is the Computing Research Repository (CORR) and the Mathematics Archive.

Computer Science Technical Reports
The Computer Science Technical Reports is a collection of technical reports produced by students, faculty, and staff of the Cornell University Computer Science Department. These reports span a period from 1995 to the present.

Electronic Library of Mathematics
This online resource library compiled by the European Mathematical Society contains a growing list of open-access online journals, along with online conference proceedings, monographs, and lecture notes.

Online Mathematics Textbooks
George Cain, School of Mathematics, Georgia Institute of Technology, has collected links to over 70 online mathematics texts. He states, "The writing of textbooks and making them freely available on the web is an idea whose time has arrived."


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Criminal Justice

NCJRS Abstracts
Search the abstracts of over 200,000 reports and studies related to criminal justice. For items whose full text is freely available online, links to a PDF or HTML version will appear.


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Economics & Business

National Bureau of Economic Research
The NBER is a research organization that produces empirical research papers covering all aspects of economics. Their website provides free access to working papers and datasets.

Research Papers in Economics (REPEC)
An ever-growing resource of journal articles and working papers made freely available on the Web, designed to enhance the dissemination of scholarly research in economics.


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American Verse Project
Part of the University of Michigan's Humanities Text Initiative, this digital library consists of nearly 200 volumes of American poetry published prior to 1920.

Baldwin's Library of Children's Literature
This digital library includes 2,500 fully-scanned children's books published in the United States or United Kingdom during the period 1850-1900, plus special collections on Alice in Wonderland and Robinson Crusoe.

British Women Romantic Poets, 1789-1832
This scholarly archive consists of E-text editions of poetry by British and Irish women written (not necessarily published) between 1789 and 1832.

The Jack London Collection
These materials reflect on the life and influence of one of America's most enduring authors. Letters, manuscripts and photographs from the Bancroft Library, as well as out-of-print publications, electronic texts of some of London's writings, and original essays are gathered in this digital collection, which is cooperatively produced by the UC Berkeley Library and Sonoma State University.

James Joyce Scholars Collection
Created in collaboration with Professor David Hayman, one of the pioneers of Joyce scholarship, this collection includes a broad range of works related to the study of Joyce, and includes books currently out-of-print and Hayman's own highly regarded publications on the subject.

Project Gutenberg
Project Gutenberg allows you to read or download over 25,000 ebook versions of books that are no longer copyright protected. Search by author, title, or genre to locate a book of your choosing. To search by genre, click the Bookshelf link on the left side of the screen.

Victorian Women Writers Project
This collection of works includes anthologies, novels, political pamphlets, religious tracts, children's books, and volumes of poetry and verse drama. It is sponsored by Indiana University and edited by John Walsh.

Wright's American Fiction
This is a collection of 19th-century American fiction, as listed in Lyle Wright's bibliography American Fiction, 1851-1875. Nearly 3,000 volumes are available.


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Fine Arts & Music

Emergence of Advertising in America (Duke)
These companion websites from Duke University provide over 15,000 searchable images of U.S. magazine and newspaper advertisements from 1850-1955.

A. D. White Collection of Architectural Photographs
The Andrew Dickson White architectural photographs document a wide range of 19th-  and early 20th-century architecture of Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas, including structures, panoramas, and habitats that have vanished due to wars and urban development.

Archives of American Art (Smithsonian Institution)
This branch of the Smithsonian has created browse-able online collections of photographs, diaries, sketches, writings, and rare published materials by selected American artists.

Digital Archive of Architecture
This collection of photographs and illustrations of European and American architecture is courtesy of Prof. Jeffery Howe, Fine Arts department, Boston College.

Global Performing Arts Database (GloPAD) (click on "Database")
This project of the Global Performing Arts Consortium (GloPAC) includes images, sound recordings, video clips, and 3-D models of the world's performing arts with detailed descriptions in standardized formats to enable effective cross-cultural searching.

Lester S. Levy Collection of Sheet Music
The Lester S. Levy Collection of Sheet Music, from the Milton S. Eisenhower Library of The Johns Hopkins University, contains over 29,000 pieces of music spanning the period 1780 to 1960. The focus of this online, searchable collection is popular American music.

Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Online Catalog
Perhaps the largest gateway to images on the Web, this catalog enables keyword searching of over one million digital images from the Library of Congress's photographic collections.

Music for the Nation: American Sheet Music, 1820-1885
Part of the American Memory Project, this collection provides access to over 50,000 pieces of sheet music from the 19th century. Included are popular songs, piano music, sacred and secular choral music, solo instrumental music, and music for band and orchestra.

New York Public Library Digital Gallery
The NYPL has undertaken a massive effort to digitize its collection of images, resulting in this online database of over 500,000 prints, photographs, illuminated manuscripts, maps, and vintage posters. You can search by keyword or browse by subject.

Petrucci Music Library
This online library is an attempt to gather all sheet music that is available in the public domain.  You can browse the library by composer, time period, genre, or other variables.

Web Gallery of Art
This "virtual museum" offers digital images of European artwork spanning the 12th to mid-19th centuries. You can search by artist or title, and click on the thumbnail images to view large browser-filling versions of each painting or sculpture.


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American Journeys
This is a collection of eyewitness accounts of early American exploration and settlement, with more than 18,000 pages of text, from sagas of Vikings in Canada to diaries of mountain men in the Rockies.

American Memory
From the Library of Congress, the American Memory project is a collection of digitized documents, photographs, recorded sound, moving pictures and text from the Library of Congress and other institutions. There are over 100 collections included in the project, which can either be searched with keywords or browsed by topic.

Avalon Project
This massive undertaking by Yale University has digitized thousands of primary-source documents in the areas of law, history and diplomacy. Documents are organized into collections by century and topic. Notable are the Middle East documentary record and the World War II collection, among many others.

Documenting the American South
Sponsored by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, this is an electronic collection that provides access to digitized primary materials that offer Southern perspectives on American history and culture.

Historic Government Publications from World War II
From Southern Methodist University, this digital collection contains PDF copies of almost 200 documents, including 6,000 pages of pamphlets, posters, booklets, and photos from the World War II era.

Immigration to the United States, 1789-1930
This digital collection portrays the immigrant experience through a large number of online books, photographs, and manuscripts, including diaries and journals of 19th-century immigrants to the U.S.

Letters of the Delegates to Congress: 1774-1789
A 25-volume, searchable and browseable collection of letters from all the delegates to the first Congress of the United States.

Making of America (MOA) Cornell University
Making of America (MOA) University of Michigan
This collection represents a major collaborative effort between these two universities to preserve and make accessible a significant body of primary sources related to American social history from the antebellum period through reconstruction. Cornell's site provides access to 267 monograph volumes and over 100,000 journal articles with 19th-century imprints. Michigan's site has approximately 8,500 books and 50,000 journal articles.

New Deal Network
The New Deal Network, from the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute (FERI), is a database of primary source materials related to the public works and arts projects of the New Deal. View photographs, political cartoons, and texts (speeches, letters, and other historic documents) from the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library, the National Archives and Records Administration, the Library of Congress, and other sources.

Samuel May Anti-Slavery Collection
The Samuel May Anti-Slavery Collection gathers together over 8,500 important pamphlets and leaflets relating to the anti-slavery struggle at the local, regional, and national levels. Sermons, position papers, off-prints, local Anti-Slavery Society newsletters, poetry anthologies, Freedmen's testimonies, broadsides, and Anti-Slavery Fair keepsakes all document the social and political implications of the movement.

Valley of the Shadow
The Valley of the Shadow is a digital archive of thousands of primary sources recorded during the American Civil War era. Access letters and diaries, census and government records, and newspapers and speeches documenting the lives of people in Augusta County, Virginia, and Franklin County, Pennsylvania during this historical period.

Women Working, 1800-1930
This collection offers over 500,000 digitized pages of manuscripts, books, pamphlets, and photographs that shed light on women's role in the workforce during this period of American history.

World War II Resources
Primary source materials on all aspects of the war. Includes the Pearl Harbor attack hearings, speeches by Roosevelt, diplomatic documents from Britain and France, and many other documents.


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Modern Languages

Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes
This digital library consists of approximately 25,000 major literary and historical works from Spain and Latin America.

These French-language digital archives were created by the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, and include nearly 100,000 digitized works and a similar number of pictures.


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National Academies Press
NAP was created by the National Academies to publish reports and books on topics in science, engineering, and health. It offers access to over 4,000 books and reports published by NAP.


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Physics is an electronic archive and distribution server for full-text research papers in physics, computer science, mathematics, and other scientific endeavors.

CERN Document Server
Sponsored by the European Organization for Nuclear Research, this online library provides access to nearly 400,000 full-text documents in the field of particle physics, including preprints, articles, books, theses, and reports.

Einstein Archives Online
Here is the first online access to Albert Einstein's scientific and non-scientific manuscripts held by the Albert Einstein Archives at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

National Academies Press
NAP was created by the National Academies to publish reports and books on topics in science, engineering, and health. It offers access to over 4,000 books and reports published by NAP.


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The American Presidency Project
This website contains executive orders, state of the union addresses, and a searchable archive of the Public Papers of the President (from 1923 through the present), which includes official presidential speeches and writings.

Avalon Project
This massive undertaking by Yale University has digitized thousands of primary-source documents in the areas of law, history and diplomacy. Documents are organized into collections by century and topic.

A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation
Part of the American Memory Project, this website houses digitized versions of many important government documents from the first century of the United States, including the Journals of the Continental Congress, Statutes at Large (laws that were enacted), House and Senate Journals, and transcripts from the Congressional floor.

Cold War International History Project
This digital collection maintained by the Woodrow Wilson International Center consists of a Virtual Archive of primary documents, organized thematically into collections such as the Cuban Missile Crisis and Sino-Soviet Relations.

Cornell University Collection of Political Americana
This collection primarily contains images of over 5,000 items of American political campaign memorabilia and commemorative items, dating from 1789 to 1960.

Foreign Relations of the United States (1861-1960)
Foreign Relations of the United States (1960-1976)
The Foreign Relations of the United States series is the official documentary historical record of major U.S. foreign policy decisions that have been declassified and edited for publication. Collectively, these two websites provide online access to selected volumes from 1861-1976. On both websites, the FRUS volumes can be either browsed or searched by keyword.

National Security Archive
This comprehensive collection of primary documents includes more than 60,000 declassified documents regarding critical U.S. policy decisions.


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Classics in the History of Psychology
This website provides full-text access to historically significant works in the field of psychology, including over 25 books and 200 articles and chapters.


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Christian Classics Ethereal Library
This digital library is comprised of hundreds of classic works of Christian spirituality and theology, including writings of the Church Fathers. They can be read for free online.

Internet Sacred Text Archive
A massive collection of digitized texts about religion, mythology, and folklore, offering the perspectives of a variety of spiritual traditions. Texts are presented in English translation and, where possible, in the original language as well.

Monastic Matrix
This website serves as a scholarly resource for the study of women's religious communities from 400-1600, and includes both primary and secondary source material that can be either browsed or searched by keyword.

Papal Encyclicals Online
A collection of encyclicals in English translation, which is relatively comprehensive for 1831-present and contains selected encyclicals issued by previous popes. Choose the pope of interest from the Pope Directory, or do keyword searching across all available encyclicals.


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