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Government Publications

Government publications offer authoritative and timely information that can enhance your research.  They include primary sources such as Supreme Court decisions and transcripts of Congressional debates, as well as reports and statistics on issues like crime, education, health, the economy, and the environment.  This page is designed as a guide for locating government publications, both in the Geisel Library collection and on the Internet.


Government Publications by Type

Below are the best print and online sources for information produced by federal, state, and foreign governments as well as international organizations. For assistance in locating government information on your specific research topics, please Ask a Librarian.

Government Search Engines and Finding Tools

Google U.S. Government Search:  A Google-powered engine that limits the search to U.S. federal, state, and local government websites.  The official US government search engine for government information.

Documents Center:  The University of Michigan's collection of links to state, federal, foreign, and international government websites.  For best results, use the search box.

Frequently Used Sites Related to US Government Information:  A thorough collection of links, organized by topics like "Energy and the Environment" and "Terrorism".


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Federal Government:  Legislative

Bills and Legislation

  • Thomas:  Search and retrieve full text of legislation from 1989 through the present, along with info on sponsors, committee activities, and floor votes
  • United States Statutes at Large: Ref KF50 .U55, 1963–present

Budget of the United States Government

  • FDsys:  Browse the federal budget from 1996–present
  • Print version: Ref HJ2051 .B8

Code of Federal Regulations:  All current federal regulations, organized by subject

Committee Reports:  Search or browse online from 1995-present

Congressional Hearings: Browse the full text of selected hearings from 1995-present.  To do keyword searching, use the Advanced Search on the FDsys homepage and limit to Congressional Hearings.

Congressional Record:  Official transcript of the House and Senate

  • Thomas:  Search or browse online from 1989–present
  • Print version: Lower Level X1.1, for selected years from 1876–2001

Congressional Research Service Reports:  Issue analysis reports geared toward legislators

  • OpenCRS Network:  The most comprehensive searchable database of CRS reports
  • CRS Reports:  Another large database with helpful organization by subject

United States Code:  The current law of the land

  • FDsys:  Browse the current US Code.  To keyword search the Code, use the Advanced Search on the FDsys homepage and limit to the United States Code.
  • Print version:  Ref KF62 .A2, 2006 ed. with current supplements

US Congressional Documents and Debate, 1774–1875:  A browseable and searchable archive compiled by the Library of Congress that includes the Journals of the Continental Congress, the House and Senate Journals, Bills and Resolutions, and the American State Papers.


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Federal Government:  Executive

White House:  Transcripts of speeches, press releases, statements, and other documents expressing the current president's perspective.

American Presidency Project:  A historical archive of executive orders, proclamations, state of the union addresses, and the Public Papers of the President.

Public Papers of the Presidents:  Official versions of presidential speeches and writings

  • FDsys:  Browse the Public Papers back through 1991
  • Print version: General Collection J82, for 1929–present

Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents:  Browse presidential statements, messages, and remarks since 1992.  To do keyword searching, use the Advanced Search on the FDsys homepage and limit to Compilation of Presidential Documents.


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Federal Government:  Judicial

Supreme Court of the US:  Search here for the text of opinions and orders issued by the Supreme Court.

Cornell Supreme Court Collection:  An archive of decisions from 1990 through the present, which can be either searched by keyword or browsed by topic.

FedWorld Supreme Court Decision Archive:  Another archive, covering decisions between 1937 and 1975.

Supreme Court Database: A massive dataset of court decisions and associated information from 1953 to the present.


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New Hampshire

New Hampshire General Court (Legislature):  The official homepage of the New Hampshire state legislature. It includes tools for searching legislation, browsing or searching state laws (the Revised Statutes Online), and checking out recent activity in the New Hampshire House and Senate.

New Hampshire Judicial Branch:  Read recent opinions and orders from the various levels of the court system in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire Data Center Library:  Collection of data about New Hampshire drawn from the Census Bureau and various NH agencies.

New Hampshire State Publications Digital Library:  Full text of official New Hampshire electronic-only publications from state agencies such as Agriculture, Justice, the Legislature, and Office of the Governor. This database is updated monthly and covers 2009–present.

New Hampshire State Agencies:  Alphabetical listing of all the agencies and departments in the New Hampshire government.

Laws of the State of New Hampshire: Bills passed during legislative sessions, for 1901–present
     Ref KFN 1225 .N4

New Hampshire Revised Statutes Annotated: Current NH law, organized by subject
     Ref KFN 1231 .N4


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Other U.S. States

American Law Sources On-Line:  Provides state-by-state access to recent court decisions, legislative bills, laws and statutes, and other law-related resources.

National Conference of State Legislatures:  Visit their Issues and Research page for articles, bill summaries, and reports organized by policy topic.

State and Local Government on the Net: A metalink site to state and local government resources for each state.


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Other Countries

Background Notes (State Department):  Up-to-date summary information on the world's countries.

Portals to the World (Library of Congress):  A handpicked selection of websites, organized by topic within each country of the world.

The World Factbook (CIA):  A reference handbook with summary information, statistics, and maps for every country.


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International Organizations

European Union:  Click on Policies and Activities tab to view legislation and documents organized by subject, or try the search engine.

OECD iLibrary:  An online library of publications and statistics about developed countries, which can be searched by keyword or browsed by subject or country.

United Nations:  This website offers official UN documents plus resource pages on issues like peacekeeping and social development. Visit the U.N. System of Organizations to find UN umbrella organizations such as the ILO, UNESCO, UNICEF, and WTO.


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Statistical Resources:  United States

County and City Data Books:  Compendia of demographic, economic, and government data at the county and city level.
     Ref HA202 .A36 (print version)

Fedstats:  The U.S. government's official portal to government-produced statistics. Use the Topic Links to find the best sources by subject, the Agencies by Subject menu to find the relevant agencies, or try the Search engine.

Statistical Abstract of the United States:  The online edition of the annual Census publication that contains statistics on nearly every topic imaginable, as produced by various government agencies.
     Ref HA202 .U5 (print version)

US Census Bureau:  Demographics, housing, poverty, and economic indicators. Try the American FactFinder to view or generate tables, the Data by Subject page, or QuickFacts to locate basic state and county-level data.


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Statistical Resources:  International

Eurostat (European Union):  Freely-available statistics on the countries of the EU, organized in directories by subject.

OFFSTATS (Official Statistics on the Web):  Links to websites with up-to-date statistics, organized by country, region, and topic.

Statistical Agency Listing (Census Bureau):  A directory of links to the official statistical bureaus of foreign countries.

Statistics Portal (OECD):  Use the OECD Stats Extract database, visit the Country Statistical Profiles, or browse the list of statistical topics.

UNData:  Do a quick search for statistical data as collected by the wide range of UN umbrella organizations.

World Bank Data:  Statistics on health, education, poverty, and other areas, which can be accessed by country, topic, or indicator.


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Government Publications by Subject

This section highlights some of the major governmental and intergovernmental sources of information for commonly-researched subject areas.


Bureau of Justice Statistics:  Statistics organized by topics such as crime, corrections, law enforcement, and the courts.

Federal Bureau of Investigation:  A variety of useful reports and publications on topics like white-collar crime and terrorism, plus annual crime statistics in the Uniform Crime Reports.

National Institute of Justice:  The research-oriented branch of the US Department of Justice, with publications on topics like corrections, drugs, and law enforcement.

International Court of Justice:  Full text of decisions, documents, and other materials produced by the World Court.

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime:  Publications on international crime topics like corruption, human trafficking, and organized crime, plus the World Drug Report on worldwide trends in drug production and use.


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Bureau of Economic Analysis:  This government agency produces reports and statistics related to GDP, foreign investment, income, and other variables. You can also access the Survey of Current Business.

Congressional Budget Office:  The CBO's website includes the Budget and Economic Outlook, which contains the economic forecasts used by Congress to assess the impact of legislation.

Economic Report of the President:  Written by the Council of Economic Advisors, this report presents the President's outlook for the US economy, including extensive tables of statistics.

Market Research Library (at  Includes the Country Commercial Guides (CCG) and other reports examining overseas industries and markets.

New Hampshire Economic and Labor Market Information Bureau:  Click on Reports/Publications to access documents such as the annual "Vital Signs" report, which reviews economic trends in the state.

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development:  The OECD offers economic overviews and statistics in publications like the Factbook and Economic Outlook. For in-depth assessments of the economies of specific countries, use Business Source Premier to access the OECD Economic Surveys.

World Bank:  A variety of reports are available on health, education, infrastructure, and the economy in developing countries.

World Trade Organization (WTO):  This organization's website includes trade statistics and a number of free research reports.


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Education and Children

Institute of Education Sciences:  Includes reports, statistics, and a What Works Clearinghouse of publications about best practices in education.

National Center for Education Statistics:  This agency publishes the annual Condition of Education, Digest of Education Statistics, and the Nation's Report Card, along with other online databases and publications documenting the nation's education system.

New Hampshire Department of Education:  This website has information on New Hampshire schools, curriculum, finance, credentialing, reports and statistics, assessment, and more.

UNESCO:  This branch of the UN conducts research on education issues in countries around the world.  Also check the website of UNESCO's education unit, the International Bureau of Education.

UNICEF:  Another organization under the UN umbrella, which produces many reports on the health and well-being of children, including the annual State of the World's Children.


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Energy and the Environment

Energy Information Administration:  This branch of the US Department of Energy produces reports and statistics on energy usage, supply, prices, and alternative energy sources.

Environmental Protection Agency:  The first stop for information on environmental regulations and programs in the US. Access info on popular topics like air pollution and climate change, or search the NSCEP database to view and download EPA reports.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory:  Find reports on renewable energy sources and the latest developments with technology like hydrogen fuel cells and hybrid automobiles.

International Energy Agency:  Use the "By Topic" tab to find publications on subjects like greenhouse gases, energy policy, and oil, as they relate to developed nations.

United Nations Environment Programme:  A variety of publications on international environmental issues, including the annual UNEP Year Book and Global Environmental Outlook.


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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:  Research-based publications on disease, injury, and health.

National Center for Health Statistics:  A variety of health-related statistical resources, including the authoritative publication Health, United States and the FastStats page with links to the best available data by topic.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration:  Publications and statistics about drugs, alcohol, smoking, and mental health issues. For more research reports, see the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

World Health Organization:  Freely downloadable publications organized by "Health Topics" such as immunization, nutrition, and HIV/AIDS, plus their annual World Health Report. Also check the Global Health Observatory for data on mortality, disease, and risk factors.


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Bureau of Labor Statistics:  This government agency produces reports and statistics related to employment, wages, productivity, and inflation.

Occupational Outlook Handbook:  Information about educational requirements, earnings, job prospects, and working conditions for hundreds of different jobs.

International Labour Organization:  A variety of publications on labor issues worldwide, such as child labor, migration, and working conditions.

LABORSTA:  This online database produced by the ILO enables you to view and extract data such as employment, wages, and price indexes for over 200 countries.


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Social Welfare and Development

Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation:  This agency conducts and coordinates policy research on a broad range of social issues. Reports are conveniently organized by topic.

United Nations Development Programme:  Reports and discussion papers on issues in developing nations like poverty, freedom, energy, and gender, plus the highly-regarded Human Development Reports about conditions in various countries.

United Nations Millennium Development Goals Indicators:  This website tracks the progress of developing countries in meeting goals for improvements in poverty, hunger, gender equality, child mortality, and environmental protection.

United Nations Research Institute for Social Development:  Research reports on social policy, social movements, ethnic identity, gender, and other issues.


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Government Publications in the Library

Geisel Library has been a depository for U.S. Government information since 1963, and currently receives over 20% of all the publications it releases in print form. The library serves the 1st U.S. Congressional District of New Hampshire in conjunction with 3 other depositories. Geisel Library is also a depository for State of New Hampshire government publications.

U.S. and New Hampshire government publications are primarily shelved in two locations: the Reference Area on the Main Level and the Government Documents area on the Lower Level.  If the library catalog indicates that an item's Location is either "Government Documents (U.S.)", "Govt Doc Microfiche", or "State Documents", it will be housed in the Government Documents area on the Lower Level. The US Government Documents collection is organized by SuDocs call numbers, which look different than the Library of Congress call numbers used in the rest of the library. However, the process of finding items on the shelf using SuDocs call numbers is very similar.


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