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Statistical information plays a critical role in college-level research in many disciplines, particularly the social sciences.  Citing relevant figures or trends can add weight to your arguments. Furthermore, statistical data serves as the raw material for performing quantitative analyses to test your hypotheses.

Finding the statistics you want can be a challenging process. This guide will direct you to the most authoritative resources for locating statistics by topic, both in the Geisel Library collection and on the Internet.


General Statistics:  United States


American FactFinder
This Census Bureau site allows you to search socioeconomic and demographic data from the latest American Community Survey and Census. You can either access the data by topic or create custom tables from the detailed data sets.

Census Data by Topic
This Census page provides access to summary tables of population data for commonly researched subjects, such as age, race, income, and education.

Census Scope
This site offers numerous well-formatted charts, tables and maps summarizing major Census demographic variables, at the national, state, and metro levels.

Historical Census Browser
An online database of state and county-level Census data for the period 1790–1960.  You can either explore individual variables within a given census year, or examine trends over time.

State and County Quick Facts
Basic comparative demographic and business data for each state and county in the U.S.


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Other Statistics

County and City Extra
     Ref HA203 .C68
A valuable compendium of demographic, social, and economic data broken down to the county, metro, and city level for all 50 states.

The federal government's official portal to government-produced statistics. Use the Topic Links to find the best reports and statistics by subject, or try the Search engine.

Historical Statistics of the United States
     Ref HA202 .H57 (print version)
This compendium includes thousands of data series related to health, crime, migration, and the economy.  You can create customized tables and download data series for processing in a spreadsheet.

Statistical Abstract of the United States
     Ref HA202 .U5 (print version)
The online edition of the annual Census publication that contains statistics on nearly every topic imaginable, as produced by various government agencies.


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General Statistics:  International


International Data Base (Census Bureau)
A database of demographic information by country, including historic data, projected population pyramids, and some valuable cross-tabulations.

Population Reference Bureau
Click on the DataFinder to access the PRB's user-friendly database for obtaining basic demographic and health data on the countries of the world.

United Nations Demographic Yearbook
Access this annual compendium online, including both recent and historical editions. It includes a range of variables related to population, fertility, mortality, and marriage.


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Other Statistics

Countries and Regions (World Bank)
Choose countries or regions of interest, then click on Data and Statistics to gain access to statistics on health, education, poverty, and other factors.

Eurostat (European Union)
Freely available statistics on the countries of the EU, organized in directories by subject.

International Historical Statistics:  The Americas 1750–2000
     Ref HA175 .M55
Data tables for the countries of North and South America, with variables related to population, agriculture, industry, trade, and education.

International Historical Statistics: Europe, 1750–2005
     Ref HA1107 .M5
An excellent source for older historical data on European countries, including variables in the areas of population, trade, industry, and agriculture.

OFFSTATS (Official Statistics on the Web)
A portal with links to websites that contain up-to-date statistics, organized by country, region, and topic.

Statistical Agency Listing (Census Bureau)
A directory of links to the official statistical bureaus of the countries of the world.

Use this simple search engine to locate a variety of country-level statistics produced by many organizations under the UN umbrella.

World Development Indicators and Global Development Finance (World Bank)
This database contains country-by-country time series data on over 1,000 economic, social, and environmental indicators.


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Statistics by Subject

The following guide lists some of the best print and online statistical sources for many of the disciplines studied at Saint Anselm College. Also be sure to explore the general statistical resources listed above, since many of them contain specialized data for various subjects. If you don't find the statistics you need,
Ask a Librarian.


Bloomberg [terminal is available in Joseph Hall]
The preeminent source of up-to-the-minute and historical market data on stocks, bonds, currencies, and mutual funds in the US and world exchanges.
Access restricted to Saint Anselm College community.  Contact the Economics and Business department to obtain a username and password.

Business Source Premier with Business Searching Interface
This source for journal articles also includes country reports and industry/company profiles from reputable sources such as the OECD and Datamonitor.

Business Statistics of the United States
     Ref HC 101 .A13122
Tables of data on employment, sales, earnings, trade, and other aspects of US business.

EDGAR Database
The government's repository of corporate financial reports (such as 10-Ks and 10-Qs) filed with the SEC. These reports include cash flows, balance sheets, and other information for many companies.

LexisNexis Academic
The Companies module provides company data from sources like BMI Company Profiles, Hoover's Company Reports, and SEC filings.

Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage
This database include S&P's Industry Surveys (with tables of overall industry revenues and corporate financials for each of the major players) and Company Profiles (with key financial indicators from the last ten years for all publicly-traded companies).


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Criminal Justice

Bureau of Justice Statistics
The BJS publishes statistics on all aspects of crime, drugs, victims, and the justice system in the United States.

European Sourcebook of Crime and Criminal Justice Statistics
A regularly published statistical snapshot of crime in Europe.

International Justice Statistics
A collection of links to the various foreign and international agencies that produce criminal justice statistics.

Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics
An annual compilation of data on crime and the operations of the criminal justice and court systems in the U.S.

Uniform Crime Reports
The FBI produces several annual publications containing statistics on the volume and rate of all types of crimes.

World Criminal Justice Library Network: Statistical Resources
For each country, this website provides links to good sources of crime statistics, broken down by topics such as Juvenile Justice and Drugs & Alcohol.


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Bureau of Economic Analysis
GDP, trade, and income data for the United States, with breakdowns by region and industry.

Bureau of Labor Statistics
Employment, wages, productivity, and inflation (CPI/PPI) data for the United States.

Economic Indicators
Download spreadsheets containing historic time-series data for the major monthly and quarterly economic indicators (such as housing starts, retail sales, GDP, and construction spending).

Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED)
This online database maintained by the St. Louis branch of the Fed offers thousands of time series of U.S. economic data.  The data can be viewed in charts or downloaded for analysis.

Handbook of U.S. Labor Statistics
     Ref HD 8064 .H38
A compilation of data tables on employment, wages, productivity, and work hours in the United States.

International Trade Statistics
Use the Statistics Database on this website from the World Trade Organization to obtain import and export data for many commodities and products.

     Ref HD4826 .I63 (print version)
This database produced by the International Labor Organization enables you to extract time series data on unemployment, prices, and other labor-related variables for over 200 countries.

US Census Bureau
This page includes the Economic Census, County Business Patterns (economic profiles down to the local level), and a wide range of other sources for data by business sector.


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Condition of Education
     Ref L112 .N377 (print version)
An annual U.S. government report with statistics covering all aspects of education from preschool through college, including data on student performance and school environments.

Digest of Education Statistics
     Ref L111 .D536 (print version)
An annual U.S. statistical publication with data on teachers, enrollments, graduates, educational attainment, and finances, among other topics.

Global Education Database
This database includes international education statistics from USAID and UNESCO, including female/male student enrollment, graduation rates, and literacy rates.

National Center for Education Statistics
This agency provides online databases and survey results documenting the nation's education system. Examples include the State Profiles (for quick statistics on individual states), the Nation's Report Card (evaluating student performance nationwide), and the IPEDS database of college-level data on enrollment, graduation, tuition, and other matters.

OECD Education at a Glance
Click on Statistics to access the OECD's Online Educational Database, along with publications such as Education at a Glance, with data on educational attainment, education spending, and teachers by country.

UNESCO Data Center
Find statistical profiles of education, literacy, and communication in specific regions and countries, view premade cross-country comparison tables, or generate your own tables.

U.S. Census Bureau
Follow the topical links for data from the annual Current Population Survey on educational attainment, school cost, and school enrollment.


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CDC Wonder
This website offers one-stop access to the Center for Disease Control's vast statistical resources.  Use the Topics tab to find data on such issues as cancer, AIDS, occupational safety, and infant mortality.

Health, Nutrition, and Population Statistics (World Bank)
Use the Data Query system to select the countries, years, and health variables of interest in order to produce downloadable data tables.

Health, United States
     Government Documents HE 20.7042/6: (print version)
An annual government publication of statistics on US health and health care, including fertility and mortality, health conditions, health spending, and incidence of risk factors.

National Center for Health Statistics
This branch of the Center for Disease Control gathers and publishes a wide range of health statistics.   Check their FastStats page for basic data by topic and links to more detailed statistics.

World Health Organization
The WHO produces health statistics on countries in a variety of formats, including the annual World Health Statistics and their powerful Global Health Observatory database.


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Congressional Votes Database
Sponsored by the Washington Post, this database provides voting records, financial disclosure statements, and related statistics for every member of Congress.

Gallup Brain
This database provides searchable access to Gallup poll questions and responses from 1935 through the present. See the "Topics and Trends" module to examine how US public opinion has changed over the years on a variety of topics.

Guide to U.S. Elections
In addition to essays about U.S. elections, this resource offers primary and general election returns for the presidency, House, Senate, and state governorships from the past 100 years (and in some cases longer).

IFES Election Guide
Find election results from all the countries of the world from 1998 through the present. For links to other sources of international election data, visit Election Resources on the Internet.
This resource presents data on campaign contributions, personal finances, and outside spending for individual candidates for U.S. office.

U.S. Census: Voting and Registration
This website provides detailed breakdowns of voting and registration by sex, age, race, state, and other dimensions, from the mid-1960s through the present.

Vital Statistics on American Politics
     Ref JK274 .V582
This almanac includes a wide range of data tables, on issues such as political action committees, party preference, public opinion survey results, the media, legislators, and the national debt.


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This US government website contains the annual publication America's Children, with statistics that portray the well-being of children from a variety of perspectives.

GenderStats   (World Bank)
This online database provides easy access to country-level data on gender aspects of issues like poverty, education, nutrition, and labor force participation.

ICPSR Social Science Data Sets
A vast collection of data sets in the social sciences. Use and analysis of some data sets will require knowledge of a statistical program like SPSS or SAS.

KIDS COUNT Data Center
An excellent website for obtaining state-level statistical comparisons of the well-being of children in the United States.  Topics include education, poverty, and health.

Mapping the Measure of America
This interactive map creation tool from the Human Development Project enables you to create maps of various health, education, and income indicators at the state or Congressional District level.

UNICEF Statistics Page
Use the Customized Statistical Tables feature to generate tables of country-level data on a variety of social and economic indicators. Also try their ChildInfo website for statistics on women and children, organized by topic.

UN Millennium Development Goals Indicators
This website provides data on how well developing countries are progressing in areas such as poverty, hunger, gender equality, child mortality, AIDS, and environmental protection.


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