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Iter User Guide

What is Iter?


Iter is a bibliography that includes literature pertaining to the Middle Ages and Renaissance covering the period from 400 to1700. Materials indexed include citations for books, journal articles, reviews, and essays.

A complete list  of journal titles is available for review.

A complete list  of scholarly collections titles is available for review.

Searching Iter

Basic Search: 

Use this option for a quick search.

  • Search the Author field for articles by an author that you found in a bibliography. Click on the arrow to the right of the words "any field" and select author. Type the author name in the box to the right (i.e. Smith, David). Click Search.
  • Search the Title field if you know the title, or some words from the title. Click on the arrow to the right of the words "any field" and select title. Type the words in the box to the right (i.e. medieval plays). Click Search.
  • Search the Any field for a single term, or a combination of terms, using Boolean operators like AND, OR (i.e. manors) (i.e. manors and lords) (i.e. manors or lords). Click Search.

Advanced Search:

Use this option to combine the search options listed in a basic search. Change the field names and Boolean operators as desired. In the boxes below your search strategy you may limit your search by language, type of source, or by publication year. The items may be sorted by author, subject, title, relevance, old to new, or new to old. Click Search.


Using the Results


After locating one or two articles that seem relevant for your topic, click on the Full Details button to view the complete record. Click on the link for any subject term, personal term, or geographic term to narrow your search to specific terms used by Iter that define your topic more clearly.

You may mark items of interest from the brief listing or the full display by placing a check mark in the keep box. Once all items have been selected, you may click on the Kept button to view the entire list. You now have the option to view, print or email the list.


Locating the Full Text

To locate the full text of a citation, click the "Full Details" button to get to the article record. Then click on the "Check for Full Text" button, this will bring you to WebBridge which you can use to locate the full text of the article in our print and online journal collections or to place an interlibrary loan request.

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