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WebBridge User Guide

Watch our WebBridge video tutorial (3.5 mins.; includes audio) to learn how to use WebBridge to access full-text articles, check if an item is available in Geisel Library, and place Interlibrary Loan requests.

1)  What is WebBridge? 

WebBridge is a program that provides links from citations in research databases to various resources where you can obtain the full text. This makes it much easier to retrieve the articles and books you need for your research.

2)  How do I use WebBridge? 

When you identify an item of interest (such as a journal article or book) in a research database, click on the WebBridge button that appears in the search results or in the item's record. A panel of options will appear. These may include links to:

  • full text in another database or on the Internet,
  • catalog records of books or journals owned by Geisel Library,
  • and/or an Interlibrary Loan form, which enables you to borrow items from other libraries.

Screenshot of WebBridge screen


3)  How can I access journal articles using WebBridge?

If the full text of the article is available from any of our electronic resources, the WebBridge panel will provide a link to it, and you will be able to open, read, and print the article. If Geisel Library owns the journal in which the article appears, the WebBridge panel will link you to the journal's catalog record. Check the article's publication year against the library's holdings as specified in the catalog record, to confirm whether the library owns the issue you need. If so, you can find the journal on the library's Lower Level in our print or microform periodical collections.

4)  What if WebBridge provides no links to full text or the library catalog? 

If the WebBridge panel only provides a link to request the item via Interlibrary Loan, the item probably cannot be obtained through the library's print or full-text collections. You can then use WebBridge to borrow the item from another library. Click on the Interlibrary Loan link, and log in to ILLiad by entering your Anselm username and the number on the back of your SAC ID card (including the S).  The item's citation information will automatically appear in the form. Simply press Submit Request, and the article should be emailed to you in about a week.

5)  Is WebBridge available in all the library's databases?

WebBridge links are now available in nearly all of the databases that index scholarly literature. When you locate items of interest in databases without WebBridge, the full-text may be available in the database itself: for example, this is the case in Lexis-Nexis. If not, use the Journal Finder or Library Catalog to determine whether the library offers access to those journals or books.

6)  If I encounter an error, who do I contact?

WebBridge will not always work perfectly--for example, if a database does not provide sufficient citation information or if the full-text resource experiences technical difficulties. But if you encounter a problem, please notify the library by emailing We will do our best to address it.

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