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Mathematics Subject Guide


This guide will introduce you to the best resources for doing research in Mathematics, both in the library and online. If you need in-depth assistance or have questions about any of the resources mentioned in the guide, please contact the Liaison Librarian.


Reference Resources

These resources may prove useful in a variety of ways.  They can provide a starting point for research, offer definitions and explanations of mathematical concepts, or serve as a quick reference for standard mathematical tables and formulas that can help you solve problems.

Biographical Dictionary of Mathematicians
     Ref QA28 .B534

Companion Encyclopedia of the History and Philosophy of the Mathematical Sciences
     Ref QA21 .C645

Concise Oxford Dictionary of Mathematics
     From Oxford Reference Online

CRC Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics
     Ref QA5 .W45

CRC Standard Mathematical Tables and Formulae
     Ref QA47 .M315

Dictionary of Statistics
     From Oxford Reference Online

Encyclopedia of Measurement and Statistics
     Ref HA29 .S2363

Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics
     Ref QA5 .I8313

Handbook of Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics
     Ref QA164 .H36

Handbook of Mathematical Functions with Formulas, Graphs, and Mathematical Tables
     Ref QA47 .H36

Handbook of Mathematical Tables and Formulas
     Ref QA47 .B8

Handbook of Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists
     Ref QA40 .P65

Handbook of Probability and Statistics with Tables
     Ref QA273 .B925

International Encyclopedia of Statistics
     Ref HA17 .I63

Mathematics Dictionary
     Ref QA5 .J3

Mathematics Manual
     General Collection QA40 .M42

Oxford Dictionary of Statistical Terms
     Ref HA17 .K4

Survey of Applicable Mathematics
     Ref QA37 .R4313

The VNR Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics
     Ref QA40 .V18


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Journal Articles


CrossSearch  Mathematics

  What does this box search?                                  Advanced Search

Search the following databases to locate journal articles in the field of computer science. Although some databases provide full-text articles, others will require you to use WebBridge to locate the full text. WebBridge will also help you place Interlibrary Loan requests for articles that are not available through our library. To learn how to use WebBridge, please watch our video tutorial (3.5 mins.; includes audio).

This is the most comprehensive online index to the scholarly literature of mathematics, particularly journal articles. It also offers citation searching capabilities that enable you to trace ideas through the literature.

Academic Search Premier
This multi-disciplinary database provides abstracts and some full-text for a number of mathematics journals.

Search here for full-text articles from major journals in many disciplines, including mathematics. Math journals available in JSTOR include the American Journal of Mathematics, American Mathematical Monthly, and Annals of Mathematics.

ProQuest Science Journals
A collection of approximately 1,000 full-text journals from the fields of biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, and the earth sciences.

Use this free search engine to find scholarly scientific information, including peer-reviewed journal articles from major publishers, government-produced technical reports, and publications in university digital archives. Many items are available in full-text. To activate WebBridge in Scirus, click the Preferences link and enable "library partner links" to Saint Anselm College.

Google Scholar
Search for scholarly articles, books, and conference papers, although only a fraction of the material is available in full text. Use the WebBridge links to check for an item's availability in the library's print or online resources, or to place ILL requests.


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Geisel Library Catalog
Search the catalog to locate books in Geisel Library. Search by keyword to find books on specific topics; for example, calculus, Euclid, or  incompleteness.  You may also wish to conduct Subject searches on any of the following defined Subject Headings in the catalog. Click on relevant subject headings to see a list of available books.

  • Algebra, Abstract
  • Algebras, Linear
  • Calculus
  • Combinatorial Analysis
  • Differential Equations
  • Geometry
  • Geometry, Analytic
  • Mathematical Statistics
  • Mathematicians — Biography
  • Mathematics — Greek
  • Mathematics — History
  • Mathematics — Philosophy
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Probabilities
  • Vector Analysis

Mathematics books are located on the Upper Level of the library in the QA call-number area.

Use WorldCat to search the collections of libraries worldwide. If you find a book in this database that is not owned by Geisel Library, you can request it through Interlibrary Loan by clicking on the "Request via Interlibrary Loan" link in the book's catalog record.

This online library contains thousands of e-books spanning across all scholarly disciplines.  Included are a large number of books on mathematics, ranging from introductory guidebooks (e.g., Statistics Demystified and Schaum's Outline of Advanced Calculus) to scholarly treatises.  You can open these books online and search them for keywords of interest.


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Selected Websites

The websites below have been handpicked for their quality and their relevance to student and faculty needs. Searching the Internet can yield a vast amount of information, but in terms of quality and reliability, your results may be uneven at best. This makes it important to always evaluate the information you find. To learn more, see our guide on Evaluating Websites.

Gateway Websites

American Mathematical Society: Math on the Web
A directory of math resources on the Internet.  Use the "Organized by Topics" link to find websites related to specific branches of mathematics.

Intute Mathematics Gateway
This gateway provides annotated links to hundreds of useful online resources. Users can browse websites by topic or do keyword searching for relevant websites. 

General Resources

The Calculus Page
Links to a variety of resources related to calculus, including sample exam problems, tutorials, and Java applets that illustrate principles of calculus.

Linear Algebra Toolkit
A series of modules designed to help students learn and practice basic linear algebra principles and operations.

Math Forum
This education-oriented site includes resources for college and advanced level math students. Browse or search the Ask Dr. Math archive of questions and answers related to calculus, number theory, and other areas. Also look under the Resources and Tools tab to find online Math Tools and a searchable Internet Math Library.

This quick-reference website includes useful information such as trigonometric identities, tables of derivatives and integrals, and the standard normal distribution probabilities table.

The Mathematical Atlas
This collection of short articles provides an introduction to modern mathematics. Articles also include references to useful print and electronic resources.

Maths Online
A gallery of multimedia learning units on subjects such as analytic geometry, trigonometry, functions, and calculus.

S.O.S. Mathematics
This math study site provides nice overviews of important concepts in subjects such as calculus, differential equations, and matrix algebra. For each section, practice exercises (with answers) are included.

Wolfram Functions Site
A large compendium of information about mathematical functions, including a plotter tool and many illustrations generated with the Mathematica software program.

Wolfram Mathworld
A well-organized online resource that serves as a comprehensive illustrated math encyclopedia, with illustrations and some interactive animation.  Includes the Wolfram Alpha search engine, which uses built-in algorithms to compute answers to math problems and a wide range of more general queries.

History of Mathematics Resources

Biographies of Women Mathematicians
This project includes biographical essays on some 150 female mathematicians.  The essays include photos and bibliographies of further readings.

History of Mathematics
An annotated list of websites, compiled by the British Society for the History of Mathematics.

MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive
This site offers lengthy biographical articles on mathematicians, overviews of math history organized by topic and time period.

Research Resources

Electronic Library of Mathematics
This online resource library compiled by the European Mathematical Society contains a growing list of open-access online journals, along with links to online conference proceedings, monographs, and lecture notes.

Google Books
In addition to providing limited previews of contemporary books, this massive digital library offers "full view" of books that are out of copyright (including most published before 1922).

Historical Math Collection (Michigan)
A searchable and browseable library of digitized mathematics books from the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Historical Math Monographs (Cornell)
An online collection of digitized versions of over 500 important math books whose copyright has expired. The online books can be either browsed or searched.

Statistics Resources

Electronic Statistics Textbook [new URL]
This online textbook provides detailed explanations (with examples and graphical illustrations) of concepts and applications in statistics.

Statistics Online Computational Resource (Stanford Univ.)
This resource compiles a number of interactive applets, distribution calculators, analysis tools, and graphing utilities designed to help students learn about probability and statistics.

An excellent interactive resource that helps users make statistical computations and perform statistical procedures, such as t-tests and analysis of variance.


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Citing Sources

See the library's Citing Sources guide for resources on how to properly cite research materials. Always confirm the style required by your instructor.


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