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Economics, Business, and Finance

Janet Romaine

Ph.D., McMaster University Hamilton
Associate Professor
Can discuss: management; diversity issues; work-family issues; organizational justice.
Specializes in: gender in the workplace.

John Romps

M.B.A., Plymouth State University
Associate Professor
Can discuss: economic policy, banking, investments and finance as they relate to tax policy and personal finance.
Other:  has consulted on hundreds of legal cases over the past 30 years as a forensic economist, determining the economic value of someone who is killed or injured; co-authored Economic Evaluation of a Deceased Wife in the 80's and 90's for the New Hampshire Trial Bar News; offers personal finance workshops for graduating seniors.

Amy Schmidt

Ph.D., University of Florida
Associate Professor
Research interest: the wage premium of married men relative to single men.
Can discuss: economic issues including: unemployment and inflation, labor, trade, globalization, budget and national debt, taxes and entitlement spending, i.e. Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.