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Barbara Baudot

Ph.D., Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University
Professor, Politics
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Background and expertise: Worked for many years with the UN, serving in many capacities in New York and Geneva. Teaches international relations and comparative politics. She is often interviewed about international relations and how other countries view the United States.
Other interests: the environment, global warming, and ethical and spiritual dimensions of social development

Hear Professor Baudot discuss the future of the United Nations, international affairs, and the international response to Iraq.

Peter Josephson

Ph.D., Boston College
Associate Professor, Politics
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Research interests: political theory and philosophy, especially John Locke. Compares ancient and modern political philosophers; published work on Henry Kissinger; teaches a course on justice and war.
Can discuss: liberty and education, foundations of American political theory, history of political concepts including rights, equality, power, and community.

Hear Professor Josephson discuss Iraq in 2008 and in 2003.

Christine A. Gustafson

Ph.D., Brown University
Assistant Professor, Politics
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Research interests: Brazilian politics.
Can discuss: international relations specializing in Latin and South America, developing countries, trade and regional integration issues, comparative government, and democratization

Rev. Dale S. Kuehne

Ph.D., Georgetown University
Associate Professor, Politics
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Can discuss: New Hampshire primary, religion and public life, and American politics
Other: ordained minister in the Evangelical Covenant Church of America; pastor of the Emmanuel Covenant Church in Nashua, N.H.

Hear Professor Kuehne discuss religion and politics.

Jennifer Lucas

Ph.D., University of Maryland
Assistant Professor, Politics
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Research interests: communication styles of women in Congress and gender links in negative political campaigning
Can discuss: gender issues in politics, the U.S. Congress, American Government, and current national policy issues