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Loretta Carle Brady

Ph.D., Fordham University
Associate Professor
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Can discuss: Discuss diversity and culture, organizational psychology, crisis management, mental health treatment and diagnosis, special expertise in international development, women's, prisoners, veteran's, and underserved population needs.

Research interests: impact of early negative life experiences on later personality development; needs and services for incarcerated women; behavioral health and wellness issues (pain management, fitness, stress, diet, smoking, diabetes), trauma and resilience; start up and high tech workplaces; organizational change management, conflict management through collaborative law.

Kathleen Flannery

Ph.D., Brandeis University
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Research interests: neurodevelopmental disorders including ADD; cognitive development, including memory and emotion, and memory strategies.

Paul Finn

Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi
Professor and Chair
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Expertise: has published on behavioral health and health psychology; sports psychology.
Other: marathon runner; coach of Saint Anselm's cross country team; licensed psychologist; on the New Hampshire Board of Examiners of Psychologists and Mental Health Practitioners; served as chief of behavioral health for Optima Health in Manchester, N.H.; worked as supervisor of alcohol and drug counselors for Manchester's junior high and high schools.

Elizabeth Ossoff

Ph.D., Tufts University
Co-Director, NEW Leadership New England

Research interests: psychology of political behavior, from perspective of voter and candidate; politics and the media, and the psychology of gender.
Other: director of research at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics The center examines civic education and political life, public attitudes, political activities, and community dimensions.

Hear Professor Ossoff discuss the psychology of political behavior.

Joseph R. Troisi II

Ph.D., Temple University
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Research interests: behavioral pharmacology, associative learning and Pavlovian/operant interaction, behavioral analysis; environmental influences on drug tolerance and drug discrimination; works with Center for Drug Discovery at Bove School of Pharmacy at Northeastern University in Boston.
Can discuss: drug abuse treatment.

Adam Wenzel

Ph.D., University of New Hampshire
Assistant Professor

Research interests: health and function of the human visual system, especially the use of supplements to attenuate risk for age-related eye disease and light-induced visual discomfort; chemical senses' influence on eating behavior.