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Daniel Daly

Ph.D., Boston College
Assistant Professor

Can discuss: Catholic theological ethics, medical ethics; social ethics; ethics and politics; ethics of war
Research interests: ethics of Thomas Aquinas; ethics of death and dying; social ethics and consumerism

Fr. Benedict Guevin, O.S.B.

Ph.D., University of Paris, Sorbonne

Can discuss: all areas of ethics, especially medical and sexual ethics; moral theology; Christian anthropology
Publications include:Catholic Ethics in Today's World (St. Mary's Press, 2008); Christian Anthropology and Sexual Ethics (University Press of America, 2002)

Hear Fr. Benedict discuss the Gospel According to Judas.

R. Ward Holder

Ph.D., Boston College
Associate Professor

Main research interest: understanding and interpretation of the Bible in the 16th century.
Can also discuss: Reformation history and theology; American religious history; early and medieval church history and theology, and major religious figures such as John Calvin, Augustine and Martin Luther
Publications include: A Companion to Paul in the Reformation (Brill Academic Publishers, 2009); Crisis and Renewal: The Era of the Reformations (Westminster John Knox Press, 2009).

Sr. Maureen Sullivan, O.P.

Ph.D., Fordham University
Associate Professor

Research interests: Vatican II and theological anthropology. Has written two books on Vatican II, 101 Questions and Answers on Vatican II, Paulist Press, 2002, and The Road to Vatican II: Key Changes in Theology, Paulist Press, 2007.
Can discuss: Roman Catholic Church; papacy; Vatican.
Other: a Dominican Sister of Hope

Hear Sr. Maureen discuss the shortage of Catholic priests.