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Saint Anselm TV Experts and Sources

News Certified ExchangeRequesting an Expert

For faculty experts, please contact Laura Lemire, Integrated Marketing Communications Manager, by e-mail or phone, (603) 641-7242.

VideoLink and ISDN Line Available

All Saint Anselm College experts are available for interviews via ISDN line or on-site flash/recording studio (VideoLink)

 The following Saint Anselm College experts and sources have been certified by News Certified Exchange, which connects journalists with "experts" - professionals who have extensive experience in their respective fields.

Prof. Daniel Daly, Ph.D.

Daniel Daly
Ph.D., Boston College
Assistant Professor, Theology

Can discuss: Catholic theological ethics, medical ethics; social ethics; ethics and politics; ethics of war.

Research interests: ethics of Thomas Aquinas; ethics of death and dying; social ethics and consumerism.

Video: Ethical Framework for End-of-Life Medical Care (on Vimeo)

Sharon George, Ph.D.

Sharon George
Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, Amherst/Worcester
Dean of Nursing

Can discuss: how nursing can expand access to health care.

Research interests: has researched and written about menopause. Leader in the effort to prepare nurses for hte increasing demands of today's complex health care system and hte challenges of nursing care in the future.

Prof. Dale Kuehne

Rev. Dale S. Kuehne
Ph.D., Georgetown University
Associate Professor, Politics

Can discuss: New Hampshire Primary, religion and public life, and American politics.

Other: ordained minister in the Evangelical Covenant Church of America; pastor of the Emmanuel Covenant Church in Nashua, N.H.

Hear Professor Kuehne discuss religion and politics (N.H. Public Radio, "The Exchange")

Jennifer Lucas, Ph.D.

Jennifer Lucas
Ph.D., University of Maryland
Assistant Professor, Politics

Research interests: communication styles of women in Congress and gender links in negative political campaigning.

Can discuss: gender issues in politics, the U.S. Congress, American Government, and current national policy issues.

Hear Professor Lucas discuss the New Hampshire Primary (N.H. Public Radio, "The Exchange")

Elizabeth Ossoff, Ph.D.

Elizabeth Ossoff
Ph.D., Tufts University
Professor, Psychology

Research interests: psychology of political behavior, from perspective of voter and candidate; politics and the media, and the psychology of gender.

Other: director of research at the New Hampshire Institute of politics. The center examines civic education and political life, public attitudes, political activities, and community dimensions.

Hear professor Ossoff discuss the psychology of political behavior (N.H. Public Radio, "The Exchange")