Day Eight: Wednesday, October 16

Reflection: Let us mindfully read and reflect on this Prayer for Educators:

In this academic year, restore my spirit. Renew my passion for sharing your wisdom and nurture my compassion for those You put in my charge. Transform me as I seek to transform. Guide me as I seek to guide. Open my mind and heart as I seek to open minds and hearts to the Good News of justice and peace. Help me listen more deeply to the world and to your Word, so I can walk with my students, attentive to the Wisdom that calls us all to the Kingdom of God.  [by Jane Deren]

Intercession: Lord Jesus, your disciples called you "Teacher" because they learned much from what you said and did.  Help us to live in such a way that our learners, too, are inspired to grow in wisdom and go forth into a world that needs Anselmians.  May we provide living witness for the type of persons we hope our students become.

Pray the Our Father, 3 Hail Mary's, and Glory Be.

Action: At the end of the day, take a quiet moment to review your day in the company of our Teacher Jesus, reflecting on what others might have learned by your words and actions today.

We thought a novena to be a particularly special way for the Saint Anselm Community to prepare for and celebrate the Inauguration of our tenth President, Dr. Steven DiSalvo.  Together, whether near or far, the Saint Anselm family can be in prayer for these nine days.  The Novena will begin on Wednesday, October 9 and conclude on Thursday, October 17, we will then gather (here on campus or via live feed) on October 18 for the Inaugural Mass. Read more »