Day Four: Saturday, October 12

Reflection: As educators we reach out to nourish and cultivate the hearts and minds of others. In a complex world, we aim to promote critical reflection on local, national and international issues. Amidst challenging circumstances, we strive to find the right words and actions to communicate God's love for all members of the global family. Let us renew our commitment to sharing our vision of a better world that empowers our learners, transforms their spirits, and nurtures the skills needed to make this vision reality.

Intercession: Good and gracious God, Teacher of all peoples, bless and guide those of us who seek to educate others in and beyond the classroom. We know we are blessed to have this call to educate the young men and women of Saint Anselm College, and we are grateful for your help in doing so. Give us patience and perseverance in our work, grace us with fellowship and community, and help us to remember that you are our rest and refreshment.

Pray the Our Father, 3 Hail Mary's, and Glory Be.

Action: At the end of the day, review your day to see how you taught others today - whether in or outside the classroom - noticing how it went and thanking God for the opportunity. Then look forward to your teaching opportunities tomorrow, visualizing how you would like it to go, asking for God's help.

We thought a novena to be a particularly special way for the Saint Anselm Community to prepare for and celebrate the Inauguration of our tenth President, Dr. Steven DiSalvo.  Together, whether near or far, the Saint Anselm family can be in prayer for these nine days.  The Novena will begin on Wednesday, October 9 and conclude on Thursday, October 17, we will then gather (here on campus or via live feed) on October 18 for the Inaugural Mass. Read more »