Day Six: Monday, October 14

Reflection: From the Prayer of Saint Anselm:

O Lord, You are my Lord and my God, yet I have never seen You.

You have created and redeemed me, and have conferred on me all my goods, yet I know You not. I was created in order that I might know You, but I have not yet attained the goal of my creation. I confess, O Lord, and give You thanks, that You have created me in Your image, so that I might be mindful of You and contemplate You and love You.
I seek not to understand in order that I may believe; rather, I believe in order that I may understand.

Intercession: Dear Saint Anselm, we ask you to intercede on our behalf, helping us to seek with the eyes of faith, that we may not simply understand in order to believe, but rather that we believe in order to understand.  For, like you, we restlessly search for the God of our desire, and our hearts and minds will remain ever restless until we rest in God.

Pray the Our Father, 3 Hail Mary's, and Glory Be.

Action: One great way we get to know God is through the Gospels, so take today's reading or a favorite Gospel of your choosing and spend a few minutes sitting with it, placing yourself in the scene as if you were there and speak to God about it afterward as you would to a friend.

We thought a novena to be a particularly special way for the Saint Anselm Community to prepare for and celebrate the Inauguration of our tenth President, Dr. Steven DiSalvo.  Together, whether near or far, the Saint Anselm family can be in prayer for these nine days.  The Novena will begin on Wednesday, October 9 and conclude on Thursday, October 17, we will then gather (here on campus or via live feed) on October 18 for the Inaugural Mass. Read more »