Day Three: Friday, October 11

Reflection: Today, we listen with the ear of our heart to the words of Pope John Paul II, from  Fides et Ratio:

"The desire for knowledge is so great and it works in such a way that the human heart, despite its experience of insurmountable limitation, yearns for the infinite riches which lie beyond, knowing that there is to be found the satisfying answer to every question as yet unanswered."

Intercession: Blessed John Paul II, help us to "put out into the deep water" to find the nourishing wisdom that satisfies the hungry heart. Help us to stretch with our entire being and to go deeper in our search for the true and the good, leading us ultimately to the God of our desire.

Pray the Our Father, 3 Hail Mary's, and Glory Be.

Action: Take a few minutes to "stretch your soul" by going outside and contemplating the beauty of our campus, viewing your favorite painting online, or meditating on a favorite poem or song.

We thought a novena to be a particularly special way for the Saint Anselm Community to prepare for and celebrate the Inauguration of our tenth President, Dr. Steven DiSalvo.  Together, whether near or far, the Saint Anselm family can be in prayer for these nine days.  The Novena will begin on Wednesday, October 9 and conclude on Thursday, October 17, we will then gather (here on campus or via live feed) on October 18 for the Inaugural Mass. Read more »