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Renewing Accomodations Request

At the Beginning of Each Semester

Once the Director of the Academic Resource Center's approval is in place, the student must comply with the process outlined below each and every semester. Students who are eligible to receive academic accommodations have the right to decline to accept accommodations.


Students eligible to receive accommodations and who decide to utilize them must complete the Accommodations Form within the first two weeks of each semester in the Academic Resource Center, Cushing 1st Floor. It is the student's responsibility to contact the Academic Resource Center (603) 641-7181 to schedule a meeting with the director to complete this form.

Please note: The requested accommodations are limited to those for which the student has received prior approval. If there has been a change in the nature of the disability and/or the recommended accommodations, documentation must be submitted to support the new request. The student should then adhere to the guidelines outlined for the Initial Request.

Accommodations Form

The Accommodations Form informs the faculty member that the student has a disability and lists the accommodations that will be provided to the student through the Academic Resource Center. Depending on the disability, the form may also recommend that the student be provided with certain specified accommodations in the classroom.

The students must bring the following information to complete the Accommodations Form:

  1. basic identity information such as name, e-mail address, and telephone number
  2. their professors' first and last names
  3. the course names and section numbers


It is the responsibility of the student to distribute the Accommodation Form to each of his or her professors. Students are expected to present the Accommodation Form to their professors within the first few weeks of the semester. Accommodation Forms must be presented no later than two weeks prior to an examination. The student's professors are not required to provide accommodations to students who fail to present the Accommodation Form.

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