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Rights and Responsibilites

Academic Resource Center

Responsibilities of the Academic Resource Center

  • Determining eligibility for participation of students with disabilities in the academic accommodations process based upon a review of appropriate documentation
  • Determining the appropriate accommodation for each student
  • Responsible for seeing that the student receives the appropriate accommodation
  • Responsible for interacting with faculty on disability issues

Rights of the Academic Resource Center

  • Request current documentation from a student completed by a qualified professional to determine eligibility for accommodations. The Academic Resource Center evaluates all documentation and requests for accommodations which may include, with written consent, requesting more information and discussing the student's situation with the professional source of the documentation.
  • Select among equally effective and appropriate accommodations, modifications, and/or auxiliary aids in consultation with the student.
  • Deny a request for accommodations, modifications, and/or auxiliary aids if the documentation does not identify a specific disability, the documentation fails to support the need for the requested services, or the documentation or request for an accommodation is not provided in a timely manner.
  • Refuse to provide an accommodation, modification, and/or auxiliary aid that is unreasonable or inappropriate. This includes accommodations that pose a direct threat to the health and safety of others, constitute a substantial change or alteration to an essential component of a course or program, or poses undue financial or administrative burden to Saint Anselm College.

The Student

Responsibilities of the Student

  • Meeting the College's qualifications and essential academic standards.
  • Contacting the Academic Resource Center at the beginning of each semester so that appropriate accommodations can be made in a timely manner (within the first two weeks of each semester). This includes meeting with the Director of the Academic Resource Center and completing the required Accommodations Request Form.
  • Providing the Academic Resource Center with appropriate documentation indicating the student's disability and suggested accommodations.
  • Submitting the Verification Letter to the faculty member at the beginning of each semester to inform them of their disability and what accommodation(s) they have requested.
  • Responsible for meeting the timelines and procedural requirements established by the Academic Resource Center for scheduling exams which includes requesting assistance, informing the Academic Resource Center of the day and time of their exam, and arranging with a faculty member for getting the exam to the testing location. If the student fails to provide adequate notice of the need for space and/or assistance it may result in the accommodations not being available.

Rights of the Student

  • Equal access to courses offered throughout the College.
  • Reasonable and appropriate accommodations, modifications, and/or auxiliary aids determined on an individualized basis.
  • Confidentiality on all information pertaining to their disability records within the parameters of law, including the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).
  • Appeal the College's decisions regarding reasonable accommodations. For more information about the Appeals Process , please contact the Academic Resource Center (603) 641-7017.

The Faculty Member

Responsibilities of the Faculty Member

  • Responsible for discussing with the Academic Resource Center any concerns related to the accommodation(s) or arrangements that have been requested by the student in their initial contacts.
  • Responsible for determining the conditions under which the exam is to be administered (e.g.: open book, use of notes, formula sheet, calculator, scrap paper, dictionary).
  • The faculty member is responsible for assuring the timely delivery of the exam, along with all necessary instructions and materials for proper administration.

Rights of the Faculty Member

  • Refuse to provide accommodations for students with disabilities who have not followed Saint Anselm College policies and procedures for participating in the accommodation process.
  • Discuss with the Academic Resource Center any concerns related to accommodations, modifications, and/or auxiliary aids requested by students.
  • Identify and establish the skills and knowledge that are fundamental and essential components to their academic courses/program and to evaluate each student's performance on this basis.

Adapted from Babson College, Office of Disability Services

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