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Fulbright Program

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Fulbright U.S. Student Program The U.S. Student Fulbright Program is now the largest exchange program in the country.

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Types of Grants

Prospective applicants should review the research/study grant application statistics for regional totals.

There are several different types of grants, including:

Full Fulbright Grants

Are usually for study in any field. For recently graduated seniors, this usually means being enrolled in a graduate program abroad. Usually (but not always) fluency in the country's official language is required for these grants. For graduate students, this may mean a wide range of activities from independent research to collaboration with local scholars.

Study or Research in Academic & Creative and Performing Arts Fields

The majority of U.S. Student Fulbright Grants are designed:

  1. To conduct study and/or research
  2. In one country
  3. For an academic year

These are the traditional Fulbright Grants and offer the greatest flexibility. 

Applicants design their own programs, which may include:

  • University coursework
  • Independent research
  • Professional training in the arts and other fields
  • A combination of these or other projects

Applicants for study/research grants will:

  • Select a country
  • Review the program priorities/requirements for the country
  • Discuss project ideas with faculty, adviser, FPA or mentor
  • Design their project proposal
  • Investigate, contact, and secure affiliations in the host country
  • Prepare supplementary materials (Creative/Performing Arts only)

Travel Grants

Travel-Only Grants are available in Italy, Germany, and Hungary only and are designed to supplement:

  1. an award from any source that does not provide for international travel
  2. a student's own funds for study or research

English Teaching Assistantships

Are another option for people without fluency in a foreign language if they wish to go to a non-English-speaking country. Theses grants typically fund students to come and learn the language or pursue independent projects part time while serving as a teaching assistant in English-language classes for children and high school students.

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