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Vehicle Registration

Students must purchase a new permit every academic year. Faculty and staff are required to purchase new permits periodically, when notified by the Director of Campus Safety and Security. Parking permits are available online at ThePermitStore. The website requires your Saint Anselm College student/staff ID# as well as your SAC issued email address. Your SAC ID# is the six digit number, without the letter, on the back of your student, faculty/staff ID.  

All students, faculty, and staff are required to purchase a parking permit prior to bringing their vehicle to campus and are expected to obey all parking rules and regulations.

Students will receive an email to their Saint Anselm College email address when permits for the 2017-2018 academic year are available for purchase, usually around mid-August.

Annual Parking Permit Fees

  • All resident students and commuters - $130 plus $5.95 handling charge
  • Temporary Permits - $10 per week; two week limit per permit; two permit limit per year. These are issued in person at the Campus Safety and Security office, only payments of cash or check are accepted.
  • Faculty and staff - First permit is free of charge, additional permits incur a $5.95 handling charge

Where to Display Permit Stickers

Permits must be displayed on the driver's side of the vehicle on the side rear window; pick-up trucks on the rear window on the driver's side of the vehicle. Vehicles that have tinted side windows must place the permit on the lower front windshield on the driver's side. Please remove all expired permits from your vehicle. The permit authorizes the use of the appropriate designated parking facilities only. 

Failure to activate or properly display the permit is a violation. To activate your permit, link to ThePermitStore upon receipt of your permit and follow the instructions on the insert included with your permit.

Transferring Permits

Permits are physically transferable from one vehicle to another, provided the permit registrant owns both vehicles. Permits and ID numbers may not be shared between two individuals nor can they be transferred from one individual to another. .

Update Records When Obtaining New Vehicles

When a student or staff member obtains a new vehicle, he/she must link to ThePermitStore and enter the new vehicle information prior to physically transferring the permit sticker and bringing the new vehicle on campus. If a student has an additional vehicle he/she wishes to register, they may do so only after purchasing a current full-year permit, and must contact the Office of Campus Safety & Security to request pre-qualification for the second permit.

A permit does not guarantee a parking space in any particular lot. Please be aware that all student lots are first-come, first-served. Father Bernard Court, Saint Benedict Court and Collins-Falvey permits are restricted in number due to a limited amount of parking spaces. Once the allotment is issued, residents of those complexes must contact the Office of Campus Safety and Security at 641-7290 to be pre-qualified for a Resident permit and must park in the appropriate designated lots for Resident permits, not in the other lots listed above.

Saint Anselm College, its employees, or agents are not responsible for damage done to, or theft of or from, motor vehicles while on college property. Vehicles and property cannot be guaranteed protection against loss of any kind. Owners should take all precautions necessary to protect their vehicles and their contents. Always lock all vehicle doors and store valuables in the trunk.

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