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Internships are where learning and experience meet! So how can you be sure an internship is right for you? Do you have certain questions about internships that you haven't found the answer to yet? Below are some frequently asked questions students ask -- answered by other students. Click each student profile to learn more!

Emilio Bardini

Emilio Bardini: I chose to do an internship to gain experience in fields that I may be interested in, and also to build my resume and make myself more marketable upon graduation.

Molly O'Neill

Molly O'Neill: The most memorable experience for me during my internship would be working at a conference for caregivers of people living with Alzheimer's disease.  At that conference I was able to see more clearly the mission of the organization and the impact that all of the "behind-the-scenes" work has.

Joe Gill

Joe Gill: I do not think I can stress it enough: Do an internship! I was having a conversation with a roommate the other day when I was half kidding/ half serious when I said half of our curriculum should be intern based. The opportunities that you can create for yourself by spending time in the field you enjoy are endless. Go out there and enjoy every minute of it.

Nicole Guimond

Nicole Guimond: The most memorable experience I had while interning was when I was offered a job after interning with the company. It just proved to me that all my hard work paid off!

Matthew Gennetti

Matthew Gennetti: Real world, professional experience. No matter how intense or laid back your internship is, you are still dealing with other professionals around you. You learn skills of how to carry yourself in conversation with other professionals, and really just get a good sense of what a real job is like. The mere exposure to a company and the communication involved with employees is very beneficial.

Jacquelyn McEvoy

Jillian Tonelli: The most memorable experience I had while interning was completing a semester long project assigned to me by my internship advisor. On my own, I created student profiles for the college webpage. The fulfillment and enjoyment I felt after successfully completing this task was extremely memorable to me as it showed how all my hard work paid off.

Jillian Tonelli

Jacquelyn McEvoy: The sooner the better. It is never too late to apply for an internship, but the sooner you get on top of it, the better chance you have at filling the position.

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