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Matthew Gennetti

Why did you decide to do an internship?

I decided to do an internship for two reasons. The first, is because I know that having an internship looks good on your resume. The other is that I am still trying to figure out what kind of career I want to pursue after college, and I felt that it I got an internship for one of the careers I am considering, it would be a very good measure of if I should pursue that career path or not.

If you could tell someone one reason why they should partake in an internship, what would you say?

Real world, professional experience. No matter how intense or laid back your internship is, you are still dealing with other professionals around you. You learn skills of how to carry yourself in conversation with other professionals, and really just get a good sense of what a real job is like. The mere exposure to a company and the communication involved with employees is very beneficial.

What was the most memorable experience you had while interning? 

So far, I would say the most memorable experience I've had at my site happened when my supervisor and another employee she works with sat down to put together a letter to send out to clients concerning older life policy terms that should be reassessed to make sure the client is getting the most out of their policy. They had about six sample letter of ideas they had, and they genuinely wanted my opinion on the matter as to which was the best. I ended being the leading voice in selecting the best wording for the letter, which will be mailed out to hundreds of clients. Though it was a smaller matter, I felt like I had made an impact.

What was the biggest obstacle you had to face during your internship?  

My supervisor told me to call John Hancock to get information on a few life insurance policies. She asked for specific information about if they were still active, their amounts, and other details. I knew, and still know, very little about the terminology and specifics of these policies, so talking on the phone with reps from John Hancock and trying to explain what I needed was very difficult for me.

What advice would you give to students who are interested in doing an internship but haven't applied yet?

Choose wisely. Do your research on the company, and when you go in to interview for an internship, ask VERY specific questions as to what you will actually being doing in the internship.

Meet Matthew

Matthew Gennetti

Name: Matthew Gennetti

Internship: Boston Financial Group

Major: Mathematics

Year of graduation: 2013

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