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Information shared in counseling or clinic sessions is privileged (confidential) information and does not become part of a student's academic record. Health information is not disclosed to any party outside of the College Health Service without the student's prior written consent.

Students are protected under HIPAA, a federal privacy law protecting the patient's confidentiality of health care information.  Each time a student visits Health Services they must complete a 2-way release giving the provider  permission to discuss any privileged information.

Please note: work study students cannot access counseling records, healthcare records, or other confidential information.

Confidentiality will only be broken in exceptional circumstances if such disclosure is:

  • necessary to protect a client or someone else from imminent physical danger
  • linked to apparent child or elder abuse
  • a rare instance when records are legally court-ordered
  • in cases where reporting is mandated by New Hampshire state law. Such exceptions to a client's rights of privilege are mandated by New Hampshire state laws. In these cases, appropriate officials will be notified and the client will be apprised of this notification.
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