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Connecting Your Computer to the Campus Network

Wireless Network Access

The first time you attempt to access Saint Anselm College's wireless network, you will be asked to register your computer on the network. Follow the instructions as provided on your computer. If you should experience any issues connecting to the network, please contact the Help Desk [link to 10.1.7.b] from on campus at HELP (4357).

Connecting From the Wall Jack in Your Room

Wall Plug

To connect to the campus network, you need a network-capable computer. This is accomplished using an Ethernet card that supports transmission rates of 10/100 megabits per second (MBPS). Since you will be connecting directly to the campus network, you will not need to connect using your modem or your telephone line. Instead, you will utilize the RJ-45 port connection provided in your room.

To connect your Ethernet card to your RJ-45 wall jack, you will need a straight-through cable. Your network card should come with a cable, but you may want to check if it is long enough to reach from the wall jack to your desired computer location. If you need a longer cable, you may purchase one at the College Bookstore or any computer store or supply outlet.

If you are in a triple room and all three students need to connect to the network, contact the Help Desk at HELP (4357), or visit us on the second floor of Poisson Hall to check out a multi-port hub.

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