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Registering Your Computer on the College Network

Network registration is a short simple process, and must be done each fall opening whether you registered before or not. In the residence hall rooms, the correct wall network ports are usually at the bottom of the faceplates.

First you'll need your Webmail username and password, which you should already have by this point. It's very helpful to boot up Windows with no other programs, such as AOL Instant Messenger, running (we don't think this is an issue with the Macs).

Sometimes these other programs running in the background, especially the ones trying to get onto the network, can disrupt the registration process. You need to register with your Ethernet cable plugged directly into the wall jack, not through any kind of switch or wireless access point. If your computer has a wireless card, it should be "Enabled" but "Disconnected." Once you're all registered, you may find it helpful to disable wireless unless you're actively using it.

So first boot up your computer, and open a web browser such as Internet Explorer.  In the address bar go to  (note: that there is no 'www' in this address) unless you are presented with it automatically when you plug in.  It will look like the image below.

Registration Log in Screen

Enter your username and password in the fields, indicate in the dropdown whether you have a laptop or a desktop, and click the login button.

Next the scanning tool will download, to check a few items on your computer.  Click the save button, and just put it onto your Windows desktop. You can minimize or close Internet Explorer - it doesn't matter. This software will delete itself from your computer once it has finished running.

CSA Tool

To do the actual security scan, simply double - click the CSA tool icon that was placed on your Windows desktop. The scan is usually quick, under 30 seconds or so.

Registration Completion Message

You are properly registered if you see this screen.  You should be all set to use your computer over the entire campus.  Don't forget to restart the computer at the end of registration, to get a new IP address.

If you have any trouble with registration, we have a document prepared,  "Campus Manager Registration Problems Troubleshooting," available in the Office of Information Technology in Poisson Hall.  Either see the HelpDesk, HawkNet students, or the stacks of handout material on the shelves.

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