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Troubleshooting Computer Registration Issues

  1. You will need a functioning e-mail account logon (Saint Anselm Campus Webmail).
    Freshmen are given these at Orientation. Upperclassmen should already have these. Visit to log in to your Webmail account.

  2. Network Configuration Issue
    • Registration needs to be done directly into the wall faceplate, never from a miniswitch.
    • Any wireless network cards should be 'Enabled' but 'Disconnected'
    • The Local Area Connection should be set for DHCP
    • It may be necessary to (at least temporarily) disable dial-up and 1394 connection setups
    • No Network Bridging!

  3. Try to get as clean a boot up as possible, meaning Windows only.
    All those little icons in the lower right of your monitor are programs running in the background.  Some may be disrupting the Campus Manager Registration process. Definite problems are the ones using network connectivity such as AOL Instant Messenger, Webshots, WeatherBug, etc.   Other troublemakers are QuickTime, RealUpdate, and music filesharing software, DVD or CD burning software; even Microsoft Office starting up with Windows is a problem.  

    If you right-click and disable them from starting with Windows you may be all set, sometimes you need to go into the System Configuration utility and clean out the Startup folder.   If you need to go into msconfig, obviously leave running/checked any anti-virus software, necessary hardware such as laptops' touchpad software.

  4. Your computer may have a virus, or excessive spyware.
    This may be the case if nothing else seems to work.  The policy is that all computers on the Saint Anselm College network need to have our Norton Anti-Virus Corporate Edition, so it may be a handy time to get that onto the machine. The anti-virus software is available on the Information Technology downloads page). Ad-Aware by Lavasoft is the most user-friendly anti-spyware program.

  5. If the computer won't connect at all, it could be a bad network port or bad ethernet cable. First make sure you have an Ethernet port and not a telephone port.  Network ports are almost always at the bottom of the faceplates on this campus.  If you suspect a bad cable, try someone else's Ethernet cable to see whether it behaves differently.

  6. Other Helpful Ideas  
    Disk Cleanup is very helpful sometimes (My Computer > C:  > Properties > Tools > Disk Cleanup). Sometimes you need to update the device drivers for the network card to get things to work.

  7. The "Unable To Read Policy" Error Message. 
    When you get this after running the CSA scanning tool, do one or both of these two things:  Disable Norton Internet Security (right-click on the Systray icon) for a few minutes, or go to Internet Explorer Tools menu > Internet Options > Privacy tab > Advanced button > check 'Override Automatic Cookie Handling' at least temporarily.

  8. Registered Students That Keep Getting Put Into Registration Again. 
    Usually these are extra Startup programs (see #3 above) or an extra network connection that's been configured. Call the Help Desk x4357 or e-mail Help Desk.

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