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Research & Development

One of Instructional Technology's key missions is to research and evaluate emerging technologies. We will share our research and development projects and findings in this section.

Experimental Physical Classroom 

Saint Anselm College has built an experimental classroom during Summer 2013, which features emerging classroom technologies. The goal was to create a learning environment, where professors and students can explore new technologies and pedagogies. Click here to take a virtual tour

Experimental Virtual Classroom 

Cloud based computing in higher education has the potential to impact institutions on a myriad of fronts, including governance, flexibility, financial, and intellectual property. As the demand for blended and online education increases, institutions are considering expedient approaches to implementing learning platforms. Discussion of cloud based learning platform models, such as personal learning environments and open learning networks, are gaining prominence in the literature. Saint Anselm College launched a cloud-enhanced learning management system (LMS), HawkLearn, to support several blended courses during summer of 2013. HawkLearn was flexible, low-cost, low-maintenance, and targeted to digital natives, accustomed to using web 2.0 based tools and social media. A case study tracked HawkLearn’s evolution from concept to reality. Results  yielded data for higher education institutions, evaluating learning platform strategies. Links to published articles will appear here.  

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