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Resident Assistant Staff

Resident Assistant (RA)

The Resident Assistant (RA) is an integral member of the Residential Life and Education staff. He or she is an undergraduate student serving a group of 40 to 50 students living in a community setting (floor or wing) in a residence hall. An RA is a student leader trained in interpersonal communication, crisis intervention, and administrative skills.

The RA reports directly to the professional staff member of the residential building or area and strives to support the mission, philosophy and goals of the College and of the Office of Residential Life and Education.

The RA is a student first but holds a primary role of a resource person in the residence halls with responsibilities as liaison between students and administration. RAs are effective communicators and leaders, and are responsible for creating and maintaining a supportive environment in their area.

Senior Resident Assistant (SRA)

The SRA position is an applied for position assinged to an applicant who posess desirable characteristics (professionalism, dedication to the department, and leadership), and has served at least one year as an RA. An SRA fulfills the requirements of an RA position but is assigned additional responsiblities to assist the staff and department.

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