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What to Bring to College

The following suggestions of what to bring with you are from people who know (i.e., upperclassmen). This list is a general guide for incoming students and will help you pack for the academic year.

Each room provides a bed and desk per resident, closet space, curtains, and, in most rooms, a dresser. The rest of the decor is up to you. Room dimensions vary among residence halls; however, a 9 ft. x 12 ft. carpet usually is adequate - Please be sure that if you bring a carpet that it does not have a rubber backing as they are fire hazards.

Room Essentials
Alarm Clock
Bedding (blankets, pillow, 36" x 80" sheets)
Reading Lamp
Recycling Bin
Shower Caddy
Trash Can/Waste Paper Basket

Health Aids
Aspirin or analgesic
Cold/Cough Medicine
Antibiotic Cream

Athletic Attire/Equipment
Cold-weather Gear
Shower Shoes
Something "Dressy"

Laundry Supplies
Detergent, bleach, fabric-softener sheets
Iron and Ironing Board
Laundry Bag/Basket

Office Supplies and Accessories
Appointment book/schedule
Address book
Book Bag/Backpack
Calendar, complete with special dates
Cell phone and charger
Markers, pens, pencils, sharpener
Ruler, Stapler, Hole Punch, Paper Clips
Stationery, postage stamps
Tape or Adhesive for Posters

Disinfectant wipes
Mini vacuum cleaner
Mug, Bowl, Dishes, Flatware
Paper towels
Sewing Kit/Tool Kit
Spray cleaner/computer screen cleaner

Additional Suggestions

Mountain or Road Bike

  • Saint Anselm offers many on-campus cycling trails. The college also is near several state parks and the Lake Massabesic Watershed; areas that feature cycling trails.

Computer with Ethernet

  • Saint Anselm offers a complete fiber-optic ring connecting each resident room to campus Internet services. Wireless internet connectivity is also offered on campus.
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