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Last year more than $1 million was raised in annual scholarship aid, which included named and unnamed annual scholarships and Corporate Partners scholarships. This allowed Saint Anselm to award annual scholarships to 257 students for more than $1,116,000.

Saint Anselm College strives to enroll students who are ready to take advantage of the vigorous academic experience and engaged community of learners they will find here. Our ability to attract and retain these students is significantly enhanced when we are able to offer scholarship aid ensuring that no student who is qualified to attend Saint Anselm is ever unable to do so because they lack the financial means.

Named Annual Scholarships

With more than 90% of our students depending on financial aid, Saint Anselm College has created a special opportunity for donors and students. Donors may designate their annual gift of $2,500 or more to student scholarship aid. These gifts will create a named, one-year scholarship for an individual student and will allow the donor to meet the recipient and receive information on his or her progress.

For students who rely on financial assistance, such critical support can make the Saint Anselm experience an affordable reality. Consider naming an annual scholarship in memory of a loved one or in honor of parents, professors, mentors, or members of the monastic community. For more information on creating a Named Annual Scholarship, please contact Kristen Macneil at (603) 641-7196 Ext.7196 or

Corporate Partners Scholarships

The Corporate Partners Program provides scholarship funding for the most talented Saint Anselm students with financial need. Your support is welcomed in the form of named scholarships (investments of $5,000) or contributions to the Corporate Partner Scholarship Fund (gifts between $1,000 and $5,000 are combined to fund scholarships).

By joining the Corporate Partners Program, you and your business can support the education of our best and brightest students. As a corporate partner, you can help make the dream of a college education a reality for deserving students, and enjoy a unique relationship with one of The Princeton Review's "Colleges with a Conscience." To learn more about how your business can join the Corporate Partners Program, please contact John Gennetti at (603) 641-7210 or

Endowed Scholarships

Saint Anselm College offers donors the opportunity to endow need-based, merit-based, or diversity scholarships. Endowed scholarship funds operate on the basis of invested principal, with investment earnings yielding an annual income. A portion of this income would be used to fund the scholarship, and a portion will be reinvested in the principal to grow the fund and ensure its impact in perpetuity. Currently, the college works with a portfolio of investment managers and awards scholarships at a rate of approximately 4% of an endowed fund's total value. 

An endowed fund will ensure the awarding of scholarships for a new generation of talented Saint Anselm student -- young men and women who are generous and well-rounded, who understand and embrace the importance of receiving an education at a college where honesty and moral virtue are considered to be integral values and part of the liberal arts curriculum. To discuss the options for endowing a scholarship fund, please contact Jim Flanagan at (603) 641.7221 or

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