Bob Collins with college maceA member of the class of 1937, Bob Collins was the first lay vice president at Saint Anselm
A scene from the Saint Anselm College campusYour gift helps provide scholarships and aid to students and supports the annual operation of the college
Bob Collins and Alumni HallCollins was one of our most loyal alumni, giving every year since his graduation
The Saint Anselm Abbey ChurchCollins came to be known affectionately as "Mr. Saint Anselm"

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Bob Collins Society

A Loyal Alumnus

The Bob Collins Society, named after Bob Collins '37, one of our most loyal alumni who gave every year since his graduation, will recognize those who give consistently to Saint Anselm College. Anyone who gives this fiscal year (July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013) will be inducted into the Society. In order to remain in the Society, the donor must continue to give (at any giving level) every year moving forward. If the donor misses one year, he/she can rejoin after completing 5 consecutive years of giving. Going forward, graduating seniors who make their Senior Class Gift will be inducted into this Society and similarly would have to continue giving to remain a member.

The Bob Collins Society

A member of the class of 1937, Bob Collins was the first lay vice president at Saint Anselm College. During his long career at the College he served as instructor in the English Department, Director of Public Relations, Vice President of College Advancement, and Executive Vice President. His service to Saint Anselm, however, went far beyond the positions he held and what could be described in his impressive list of accomplishments. In fact, so deeply was he identified with the College and its mission that he was known affectionately as "Mr. Saint Anselm".

About the Society

The Bob Collins Society will:

  • Recognize Saint Anselm College's most loyal donors
  • Foster loyal consistent giving from alumni
  • Increase alumni donor participation; Publications such as US News and World Report and the Princeton Review use participation numbers to determine "alumni satisfaction" which directly effects national rankings. Likewise, government agencies use participation rates as a determining factor in awarding grants to colleges. (Impact: If every alumnus who gave at least once in the past five years gave every year Saint Anselm College's giving participation rate would increase from 18% to 35%)
  • Increase scholarship aid to our students; Increased giving allows the college to attract high caliber students through scholarships and financial aid

About Collins: A Tribute

Robert Collins

In honor of Bob's contributions to the Saint Anselm College community, a special supplement to Portraits magazine was published with reflections by Fr. Jonathan DeFelice, O.S.B. and Professor Gary Bouchard. Abbot Matthew's homily was also reprinted.

To view this special tribute, please visit Portraits online.

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Bob Collins '37

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