25th Anniversary Season!:  2011-2012 school year 
           Fr. Bede Camera OSB, Director
           Mr. Robert Aldrich '01, Assistant to the Director
           Brother Andrew Thornton OSB, Mrs. Abagail Velez     Accompanists


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Dress Code

Normally: choir members are expected to dress in a way that is appropriate for a lector or Eucharistic Minister. Casual, but nice. Slacks are fine for women but low-cut tops and bare midriffs are not allowed.  Men: ties and/or jackets preferred but not required. Collared shirts are REQUIRED. No shorts and t-shirts.
ALL MEMBERS: collared shirts or sweaters are required.

REHEARSAL DRESS CODE. Since the choir practices in the church, attention needs to be paid to dressing respectfully. Sweaters, Polo-type shirts and/or button down shirts required for all. Short shorts are not allowed..

REQUIRED CONCERT/PERFORMANCE  DRESS: Choir members are required to purchase a choir gown or tuxedo. At the time of the audition you will be measured. 
To see a picture of the 2007 choir in full concert dress, click here.

Current prices are as follows:
        Women's Gown: $75.  (A few used gowns will be available for $50).
        Men's Tuxedo: $120.

Tuxes and gowns are ordered the first week of school and arrive near the end of September---plenty of time to get them tailored and hemmed.

When you come to the audition, please bring a check with you made out to "The Saint Anselm College Choir."