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 How big is the choir?

Between 70 and 100 students, depending on how great the response is from your class.


 What does the choir do?

The college choir is a liturgical choir and we sing the student Sunday evening Mass each week and on special occasions such as Family Weekend and other college events. In addition we have two special performances in our Concert Series: "DecemberSong" (the first Saturday after Thanksgiving Weekend)  an annual Spring Concert in March or April. In addition, selected members of the choir are given opportunities to sing at other events on campus. In addition to this, during Spring Break of even-numbered year, members of the choir CONCERT TOUR abroad. Spring Break of 2012, the choir will be performing in Southern France (Nice, Nimes), Monaco and Barcelona, Spain.

  What type of music does the choir sing?

All the choirís music is sacred music and it runs the range from classical to contemporary styles, some in Latin, mostly in English. Last year the choirís classical repertoire featured compositions by Bach, Mendelssohn, Byrd, Victoria and Handel. Contemporary music is in a wide variety of styles, representing recent works by major liturgical publishers.   

 How much time does the choir require?

Rehearsals are on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6-7 pm , and Sunday evening at 6:15 pm (a warm-up for the 7 pm Mass). In addition there is one special weekend practice in the fall semester. Thatís all. 

 Iím concerned about the academic pressure and donít know if I should commit to the choir right now.

You will find, and choir members will back me up on this, that being in the choir will actually help you handle the academic pressure. It provides a stress release, the music refreshes the mind and soul and spirit and helps balance out your brain energies, it keeps you coming to church, it helps develop your spirituality, gives you a sense of belonging and an outlet for very worthwhile community service. Howís that for an unbiased answer?  

How much experience do I need? Are there auditions?

Any experience at all is desirable although some students have actually begun their singing careers in choir. There is a REQUIRED AUDITION which is not terribly difficult. You can get more information about the audition at the choir website.

 Iím interested in joining the theater group. Is it possible to be involved in both activities?

Yes. The Abbey Players and the Choir arrange their schedules so that there are no rehearsal conflicts. Many students are involved in both programs (provided they can keep their grades up.)

As a freshman, am I eligible to go on the Concert Tour Abroad?

All accepted members of the choir are eligible to go on Tour. The next tour will be during spring break of 2012. The destination will be announced this December. 

 OK. Iím interested. What do I do next?

E-mail (bcamera@anselm.edu) Please send your name, address, e-mail and phone (cell, if possible).  Please tell me what voice part you sing and briefly describe your former experience. Once registered, you will get further information via email  when you come to campus. Donít forget: Auditions will be heard on Sunday, Aug 28 from 4:30-6 pm and Monday, August 28 from 4:30-5:30 pm. The first rehearsal is Monday, August 29 at 6 pm. Come down to the lower church shortly before 6.