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All courses, both introductory and advanced, are open to all students, without prerequisites unless otherwise noted. Introductory courses are designed to provide overviews of themes that often transcend national barriers or cover significant periods of time. Advanced courses offer more in-depth study of each topic.

Course numbers in parentheses (e.g., "Hi 4") indicate old course numbers used by the College before it switched over to a new numbering system with the Jenzabar administrative software.

You can get a copy of Clio Notes for Fall semester 2014 here.

Classes offered during Fall semester 2014 are preceded by
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Advising Sheet: Major and Core Requirements: Class of 2014

Advising Sheet: Major and Core Requirements: Class of 2015

Advising Sheet: Major and Core Requirements: Class of 2016

Advising Sheet: Major and Core Requiements: Class of 2017

All courses that meet the Historical Reasoning Learning Outcome are followed by "HRLO"

Students who enrolled before Fall 2014 are NOT required to meet these requirements.

Professor Salerno and Professor Perrone will both be on sabbatical during Fall 2014.

American Studies Courses
American Studies 100: Introduction to American Studies   

Introductory Courses
History 100 (Hi B) Introduction to the Study of History   
History 101 (Hi 1) Origins of European Civilization HRLO   
History 103 (Hi 3) War and Revolution in the Modern World HRLO   
History 104 (Hi 4) The Peopling of America   
History 105 (Hi 5) World History HRLO   
History 106 (Hi 6) The U.S. Presidency   
History 107 (Hi 7) Cities and Social Change   
History 199 America: Origins to World Power HRLO   

Survey Courses
History 225 (Hi 20) Early Modern European History (Survey Level Course)   
History 226 (Hi 21) Modern European History (Survey Level Course)   
History 250 (Hi 41) United States History to 1877 (Survey Level Course)   
History 251 (Hi 21) United States History since 1877   
History 275 (Hi 60) Asian Civilization (Survey Level Course)   
History 276 Early Africa   
History 277 Modern Africa

Advanced Courses
History 311 (Hi 11) Ancient Greece   
History 312 (Hi 12) Ancient Rome   
History 313 (Hi 13) The Early Middle Ages   
History 314 (Hi 14) The High Middle Ages   
History 315 (Hi 15) Renaissance Europe
History 316 (Hi 16) Reformation Europe   
History 317 (Hi 17) Medieval Spain   
History 324 (Hi 19) Special Topics: Medieval England   
History 325 (Hi 25) Early Modern England
History 326 (Hi 26) Modern Britain   

History 327 (Hi 27) Early Modern France

History 328 (Hi 28) The Habsburg Empire   
History 329 (Hi 29) Modern Germany   
History 330 (Hi 30) Eastern Europe in the Twentieth Century
History 331 (Hi 31) European Socialism   
History 332 (Hi 33) Modern France
History 333 (Hi 24) Europe since 1945   
History 345 (Hi 38) Mid-Victorian Britain   
History 349 (Hi 39) Special Topics: Imperial Spain   
History 349 (Hi 39) Special Topics: Imperial Spain   
History 350 (Hi 43) Colonial North America   
History 351 (Hi 45) Jacksonian America: 1824-1850   
History 352 (Hi 46) The Civil War and Reconstruction: 1850-1877   
History 353 (Hi 47) Emergence of Modern America: 1877-1929   
History 354 (Hi 48) Contemporary America: 1929 to the Present   
History 355 (Hi 50) U.S. Foreign Relations
History 356 (Hi 51) Old South
History 357 (Hi 53) United States Labor History   
History 358 (Hi 54) History of New England   
History 359 (Hi 55) American Women’s History   
History 360 Irish America   
History 361 Civil Rights Movement   
History 374 (Hi 59) Special Topics: American Sports History   
History 375 (Hi 61) Colonial Latin American History
History 376 (Hi 62) Modern Latin American History   
History 377 (Hi 64) History of Russia   
History 378 (Hi 65) Modern China   
History 379 (H) (Hi 66) Modern Japan   
History 380 (Hi 67) History of Southeast Asia
History 381 (Hi 68) Atlantic World, 1492-1825   
History 382 (Hi 69) History of the Middle East
History 383 (Hi 77) Applied History   
History 384 The British Empire   
History 385 The Vietnam War   
History 386 World War II   
History 390 Comparative Women's History   
History 392 Slavery and the Slave Trade in Africa   
History 399 A Special Topics: Southern Africa   
History 475-476 (Hi 75-76) Internship
History 480 (Hi 80) Applied History Internship
History 481 (Hi 81) History Research Seminar
History 489 (Hi 89) Reading Seminar: French Revolution and Napoleon    

Geography Courses

Please note that while Geography classes are offered through the History Department, these CANNOT be used to fulfill history major requirements. They count as electives.

GE 02 Introduction to Political Geography: A New World Order?   
GE 21 Introduction to Economic Geography: Understanding the Global Economy

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