Faculty Profiles

Silvia Shannon

Associate Professor
Early Modern European History (Medieval, Renaissance, and Reformation) and Early Modern France

Office: 310 Joseph Hall
Office Phone Number: (603) 656-6004
Email Address: sshannon@anselm.edu

Research Interests

My graduate studies focused on Early European History with an emphasis on Renaissance and Reformation History. In the last few years, I have been writing and researching the impact of the struggle between Catholics and Huguenots in France on the failed colonial efforts of the French Crown in Brazil (1550-1615).

Current Works in Progress

Nobles, Pirates and Missionaries: The French in Brazil, 1509-1615 (book manuscript in progress)

Selected Publications

"Apostles of the Indian in an Age of Imperial Competition: French Capuchins in 17th-Century Portuguese Brazil" in The Franciscan Life in the New World, American Society for Franciscan History (forthcoming).

"Religious Struggle in France and Colonial Failure in Brazil, 1555-1615" in Essays in French Colonial History, ed. Dale Standen (Michigan State Press, 2000).

"Military Outpost of Protestant Refuge?: The Expedition of Villegagnon to Brazil, 1555-1560," in Essays in French Colonial History, ed. J. Johnston (Michigan State Press, 1997).

"Nicolas Durand de Villegagnon: Polyphemus and Cain of America: Religion and Polemics in the French New World," in Changing Identities in Early Modern France, ed. Michael Wolfe (Duke University Press, 1996).


Doctor of Philosophy, Boston University, 1988
Bachelor of Arts, Georgetown University, 1974

Courses Taught

History 107 (Hi7): Cities and Social Change
History 311 (Hi11): Ancient Greece
History 312 (Hi12): Ancient Rome
History 313 (Hi13): Medieval World I
History 314 (Hi14): Medieval World II
History 315 (Hi15): Renaissance Europe
History 316 (Hi16): Reformation Europe
History 327 (Hi27): Early Modern France

History 489 (Hi89): French Revolution

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