Saint Anselm College History Department: (Front row, left to right): Professor Phil Pajakowski, Associate Professor Sean Perrone, Assistant Professor Fr. William Sullivan, OSB, Associate Professor Silvia Shannon, and Associate Professor Andy Moore. (Second row, left to right): Associate Professor Matt Masur, Associate Professor Beth Salerno, Assistant Professor Poppy Fry (Fry has since left to take a position with the University of Puget Sound). (Back row): Associate Professor Hugh Dubrulle.

Department Chair: Philip Pajakowski, Professor, Modern European History

Hugh Dubrulle, Associate Professor, Modern European History

Matthew Masur, Associate Professor, U.S. History / Diplomatic History / Asian History

Andrew Moore, Associate Professor, U.S. History

Sean Perrone, Associate Professor, Early Modern European History and Atlantic World

Beth Salerno, Associate Professor, U.S. History

Silvia Shannon, Associate Professor, Early Modern European History

Fr. William Sullivan, O.S.B., Assistant Professor, U.S. History

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