Quizzes (20%)

In anticipation of class meetings, I will post several questions associated with the reading for that particular day. These questions will appear in the "Food for Thought" section of the website. While you read, pay attention to these questions. At the beginning of every class meeting, I may or may not give you a five-minute open-note quiz on one of the posted questions. Five minutes will probably not provide you with enough time to scan the reading for the first time and write a meaningful answer. I highly recommend that you jot down notes as you read so that you have some sort of prepared answer when you take the quiz.

If you arrive late, you will only have what remains of the five minutes to complete your quiz. If you miss the quiz completely, you will have no opportunity to make it up.

On other occasions, as my capricious mood strikes us, instead of asking you to prepare for a quiz, I will ask you to produce some sort of short written assignment. The assignments will vary from day to day, so please pay close attention to the "Food for Thought" section of the website to see what I expect.

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