The Major

Major Requirements

History majors are required to take 12 courses in History, 10 of which must be courses numbered 200 or above. You may take, but are not required to take, two introductory courses (Hi 100-107). Two courses from three of the four areas of course offerings—Europe before 1600; Europe since 1600; United States; and Special Areas—must be included among the 10 advanced courses. These are your "distribution requirements." A special topics course does NOT always count as special areas. Please be sure to ask your advisor about these courses.

All majors must take a Reading Seminar, a Research Seminar or the Applied Internship. Students interested in any type of graduate study are encouraged to take both the reading and the research seminar. Students generally are encouraged to take more than one reading seminar.

Among the offerings, the following survey courses are available: Hi 225 Early Modern Europe, Hi 226 Modern European History, Hi 250 United States History to 1877, Hi 251 United States History since 1877, and Hi 275 Asian Civilization. Survey courses will count toward fulfillment of distribution requirements. However, students may take no more than three survey courses toward major requirements.

The department encourages students to pursue internships, either through the History Department or through Professor St. Cyr's office in Lower Alumni. Neither type of internship counts toward the major. Students interested in internships through the history department should contact Professor Pajakowski.

The department also encourages students to pursue study abroad. Students interested in this should meet with Dr. Cox in the Study Abroad Office in Upper Cushing. Students must meet with Professor Shannon, Chair of the History Department, in order to ensure that courses taken abroad will count toward the major.

Students in the Education Certificate program must take most, if not all, available electives in Social Sciences areas to qualify for the Teaching Certificate. Please consult with the Chairperson of the Education Department, about the requirements for Teacher Certification. Students interested in teaching should be sure to take either Hi 250 or Hi 251.

Advisors and Advisees

This chart contains a full listing of all history majors and their advisers.

A Typical Schedule for a History Major

You can also keep track of requirements for the major and for graduation with the following blank advising sheets:

Advising Sheet: Major and Core Requirements: Class of 2014

Advising Sheet: Major and Core Requirements: Class of 2015

Advising Sheet: Major and Core Requirements: Class of 2016

Advising Sheet: Major and Core Requiements: Class of 2017

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