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Guide to the Core Curriculum

Saint Anselm College is pleased to announce the implementation of a new core curriculum starting Fall 2014. The new core renews and reinvigorates the college's long-standing commitment to the liberal arts by introducing a curriculum designed to better serves the needs and aspirations of today's student. The new curriculum builds upon the College's strengths, such as its nationally recognized humanities program, while at the same time building in new features, such as greater student choice from among an increased diversity of core electives.

Summary of core course requirements in the new curriculum

Humanities Program

  • Conversatio I
  • Conversatio II

College Writing Program

  • Freshman English Composition
  • Sophomore writing intensive elective*
  • Junior writing intensive elective*
  • Senior writing intensive elective*

Core Learning Outcomes

One elective course (4 credits) for each outcome unless otherwise noted

  • Aesthetic & Creative Engagement
  • Citizenship*
  • Global Engagement*
  • Historical awareness
  • Foreign modern or Classical Language (proficiency through Intermediate I)
  • Philosophical reasoning (2 courses, 8 credits)
  • Theological reasoning (2 courses, 8 credits)
  • Quantitative reasoning
  • Scientific reasoning
  • Social scientific awareness

*Note: indicated core requirements may be taken in conjunction with other courses so long as they are appropriately designated as fulfilling the intended outcome. Examples may include courses within a student's major, courses that fulfill other core outcomes, and courses designed for experiential learning.

Current Students: "How Does This Affect Me?"

While the new curriculum is being fully implemented the college will experience a transitional period in which some students will have enrolled under the old curriculum and some under the new. The college is committed to making this transition a positive experience for all students. To that end, specific accommodations with regard to core requirements have been made for transitional classes so that all students can participate in the best of what the new curriculum has to offer. For details on the core requirements for your graduating class please choose the appropriate year:


For information on student advising and opportunities to teach in the new core curriculum, please follow the link to the Faculty Resources page, part of the Dean of the College website.