The Dana Center for the Humanities

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Thursday 29 September 7:30 p.m.
The Capitol Steps

Political humor & satire in live performance at election time, with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton running–really!
Always fresh because whenever a new scandal or daily stupid comment is made, it inevitably ends up in the show.MD Theatre Review
Putting the ‘Mock’ in Democracy for 35 Years!
Having failed to find “three wise men or a virgin” in Washington, D.C. for a holiday nativity play in 1981, three desperate Capitol Hill staffers dipped into the day’s headlines, cooked up a few irreverent acts that skewered the entirety of our national political scene... and became an instant hit. Thirty-five years, millions of laughs, and many awards later, The Capitol Steps are the darlings of stage and radio shows nationwide, and the scourge of politicians. The Capitol Steps is the go-to group for hilarious commentary during any election cycle, guaranteed to put the whole system in tightly focused and merciless perspective. In this season of heated electioneering, their What To Expect When You’re Electing finds the foolish on all sides of the political spectrum and is sure to bring the house down yet again on their latest return performance at The Dana Center. Quipped former President George W. Bush: “The Capitol Steps make it easier to leave public life”. If you’ve seen them, you know what he meant. If you haven’t, you’ll never look at the evening news –or our elected officials–the same way again!