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Friday, January 30, 2015 7:30 PM

Daniel Bernard Roumain

Redemption Songs and Sonatas

Paganini to Prince: Daniel Bernard Roumain makes violin cool!New Haven Independent
About as omnivorous as a contemporary artist gets.New York Times

Daniel Bernard Roumain, more commonly known as 'DBR' is a classically trained composer, performer, violinist, and band-leader with a Ph.D. in musical composition from the University of Michigan, a singular ability to blend genres from Glass to Gaga, and an astonishing opus of exploration into rhythmic modern forms created from roots both classical and traditional. From Carnegie Hall and the Vancouver Symphony, to Boston Pops and the Sydney Opera House, he has crisscrossed North America and the globe with a style that elevates 'cross-over' into something imaginative, inspiring, and newly minted. Says the Haitian-American DBR, 'All [of my] experiences have required me to be able to compose music that reflects many varying cultures, styles, and tastes. Interestingly, I find more similarities than differences, and my music hopes to celebrate the bonds that bind them together' (Strings Magazine). With its powerful theme of universal civil rights, Redemption Songs and Sonatas is a perfect reflection of DBR's world view. Featuring some of the composer's best known and most poignant works, infused with the spirit of liberation and freedom, Redemption Songs And Sonatas bears testament to our desire to define our selves, our world, and sometimes, one another.