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Thursday, January, 30, 2014, 7:30PM

The Legendary Béla Fleck in concert with The Wonders of Contemporary Music, Brooklyn Rider

Quintet for Strings and Banjo

Béla Fleck's unwavering discipline and joy for experimentation chronicles a quest for excellence, and casts an afterglow around each new musical horizon.Seattle Music Insider
Brooklyn Rider stands out for its consistent refinement, globe-spanning stylistic range, do-it-yourself gumption and integration of standard repertory works into the mix.The New York Times

With 30 Grammy nominations and 15 wins, world banjo specialist and visionary composer Béla Fleck has been nominated for more Grammys in more categories than any musician in the history of the award. With globe-spanning stylistic range and the ability to bring 300 years' worth of string quartet tradition into the 21st century, Brooklyn Rider has been likened to 'moto-cross daredevils who never screw up a stunt'. Put them together and you have Fleck's stunningly dynamic Banjo Concerto, an innovative collaboration that sets pre-conceived notions of string music on its collective ears and breaks through into territory as bold as it is satisfying. Come and thrill to the joy, the passion, and the haunting beauty of adventurously imaginative string music as you've never experienced it before, from five masters who have 'high degree black belts in their respective instruments' and are sure to bring down the house