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Saturday, March 7, 2015 7:30 PM

Solas, Shamrock City

Irish-inflected musical storytelling

Shamrock City is easily on a par with anything that has been written, played or sung about the hope and heartbreak at the nexus of most Irish diaspora tales.Irish
Deeply thoughtful and imaginative... grapples with the wealth of ideas and emotions inherent in the immigrant

The incandescent Irish-American ensemble Solas has mined timeless traditions for contemporary relevance for fifteen powerful years. While deeply respecting Celtic music's roots and traditions, Solas' fresh and unexpected arrangements of age-old tunes, compelling and topical originals and covers, and unparalleled musicianship combine to define a path for the genre that breaks tired 'green beer and shamrock' clichés to drive the genre vibrantly into the 21st Century. Now, their groundbreaking Shamrock City takes on the dreams, struggles, humor, and hardship of our nation's immigrant working class in mid-19th Century America. Seen through the eyes of band leader Seamus Egan's great-great uncle Michael Conroy, it is a powerful story of the thousands of young people who left home and family for 'a better life' in America; in this case the copper mines of Butte, Montana. Using the experience of the copper mines as microcosm of a larger social movement, Solas takes us on a potent musical journey that captures our past, illuminates our present, and ultimately celebrates our common identity as an immigrant nation. Profound, lyrical, funny, and eye-opening, Shamrock City is Irish-inflected musical storytelling at its very best.