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Friday, May 9, 2014, 9:30 and 11:30AM
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Stuart Little

Adapted for the stage from E.B. White's award-winning novel By Joseph Robinette

Their performances are consistently fantastic... plus, they spark the interests of the next generation of theatre professionals; a Sisyphean and often thankless task!The Column with John Garcia
The audience was so mesmerized by the experience that no one made a peep.tre Jones

Stuart Little lives with his perfectly ordinary family in Brooklyn, New York, but as children go, Stuart is a little unusual – he is a mouse! Size and a mild-mannered personality are no obstacle to little Stuart, though, as he discovers when he must protect himself and his best friend Margalo the bird from Snowball the predatory cat. When Margalo disappears, Stuart's bravery and spirit are tested as he travels through the country encountering many adventures while searching for his friend. On the journey, he learns valuable lessons about the true meaning of family, loyalty, and friendship. Join us for Dallas Children's Theatre's adaptation of E.B. White's cherished award-winning story of Stuart Little, and thrill to the adventures of this brave, adventurous, and charming little mouse!